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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Path of Duty is The Path of Glory” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Path of Duty is The Path of Glory

It is neither the wheel of fortune nor some gust of divine favour that takes men to the top. It is the faithful and intelligent performance of what they regard as the duties of the life that has given them name and fame and greatness. This has been the secret to their success.

When we are young and inexperienced, we may think that glory can be attained by mere wishing or dreaming. However, soon the illusion disappears. As we grow, we find that in the world we live, few good things can be got without honest labour. We also realize that life, far from being a bed of roses, is a grim field of action where we have to do many kinds of duties. We have duties to our families, to our neighbours, to the Society, to the country and even to ourselves. We also come to feel that in the faithful discharge of these duties lies, not only the path of self-realization, but also the path of glory. Life is a great and rare privilege. But all privileges have corresponding obligations or duties attached to them. No honest man after enjoying the good things of the world, would turn around and refuse to discharge his obligations. Nothing can be more indecent, ungrateful and immoral. Hence, good men always try to give something in return for life’s privileges. In plain words, they like to discharge their duties.

Heaven helps those who help themselves by doing their duties. Obstacles melt before them, making their path smooth. They feel inward strength and confidence, and joy born of the consciousness of having done their duty, lights up their faces. Success, which eludes so many, comes to them and rewards their labour. With success comes name and fame. People begin to admire them, and from admiration grows faith and confidence.

Lives of great men teach us many lessons. There are people who feel that because they had been honest to themselves, they should be honest to others also. They follow their counsel, and do their duty unto others. However, all that they aim at in the beginning is to do their duties honestly and discharge their obligation in order to give peace to their minds. Glory is afterwards picked upon on the way.

History is replete with instances of men acquiring glory in doing their duty. Those Rajput princes who sold their honour for position and fame, have been clean forgot, but Rana Pratap still lives in our memory, because he performed his duty by his country. The reason why Gandhi is name to conjure with in India lies in his possession of keen and lofty sense of duty. In every age and in every country, an honest, intelligent and faithful performance of duty has been the high road to glory. Not in enjoyment, not in luxury, not in wealth and power, not in rank and position, but in the performance of duty alone lies the secret of glory.


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