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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Neighbours” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.


Man is a social animal. He desires good company and suitable surroundings for leading a peaceful life. However, he has to cultivate it with his own efforts and possess certain basic qualities. First of all, sweet reasonableness combined with sociable nature is an essential quality. Then if a person himself possess the noble qualities of fine feelings and sentiments, consistency, honesty and truth, he is bound to create a happy atmosphere around him. Anger, envy and impatience have often created bitterness around. Mutual love and consideration lead to service and goodwill. We must remember that sociability breeds good faith, trust and mutual confidence. Hence, we must basically understand, for own good, that peaceful and cordial neighbourhood is our own creation.

A good neighbour is a definite help. He shares our joys and sorrows. He is not only kind and considerate but also hospitable and fore bearing. We can always depend upon him. He is the person who is useful in times of need. He is more than a friend or even a kind relative, for he is next door and available at any time and in any emergency. It is for this reason that Christ told his disciples to love their neighbours, as they loved themselves.

Bad neighbours make life bitter. The hostilities create a sense of insecurity and uncertainly besides being a nuisance. As with individuals, so with nations. India’s neighbours, Pakistan and China, have not only proved troublesome neighbours but also a regular nuisance. Repeated armed aggression’s on our territory have shaken our economic and political stability. We have to build our strength and power militarily to face the situation adequately and with confidence. The forms of social life are determined by men’s nature, and only as their natures improve can the forms become better. The practicability of cooperation depends upon human character. If a man, or for that purpose a nation, refuses to listen to reason, then it becomes essential to talk in the language which is understandable to them.

The atmosphere of mutual fear and distrust between the people and the nations must be removed. It is the practical philosophy of life to tolerate others, refrain from interfering with others, and to reconcile to the way of others. Complete uniformity or total identification of thoughts and ideals is an impossibility. But stubbornness and intolerance only create tension. Above all, the creative abilities of man can be better utilized if good neighbourly feeling is created. Mutual adjustment based on the broad-minded attitude can create harmony and goodwill. It is the sympathetic attitude of life which alone can make peaceful life possible.

As charity begins at home, it becomes essential that we learn to live as good neighbours first, then value the sociable virtues of community and as nation learn to understand that the principle of live-and-let-live must be practiced. Mutual respect, non-interference in the internal affairs of others can lead to peaceful co-existence. Progress and prosperity and the advancement of mankind on the whole, depends upon our realization that we must learn to live together and live like human beings.


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