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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Most Horrible Incident of My Life” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Most Horrible Incident of My Life


Last year we had a frightening experience while returning home from our maternal grandparent’s house. Our grandmother had turned 75 on that day. My mother had decided to stay with her for some more days. This was the day when the most horrible incident took place in my life. I was shocked and stunned for many days.

It was late past eleven at night. My younger sister, daddy and I were walking along a lonely street from a railway station. Our home was just at a distance of half an hour from the station. As it was late, we could not find any transport. My daddy had to go for his night duty. He accompanied us for twenty minutes and then we had to reach home all alone.

The distance that we had to cover was of just two streets. There was no one along the road. Bravely we continued walking. After a few minutes, we saw an open jeep approaching towards us from a distance. Drunken boys were laughing arid enjoying in the jeep. The boy who was driving saw us and murmured something to his companions. He slowed down the speed of the jeep. We kept on walking. The jeep slowly approached towards us. Our heart began to beat faster and faster. We thought that we were just about to face a strange incident.

I realized the intentions of the boys. The jeep stopped in front of us. Six boys surrounded us and started teasing and touching my sister. They started abusing and pushing me. Although I was filled with rage, but could not do much. I was alone and my sister’s safety was my prime responsibility. We were about to scream loudly for help. Two boys caught us from behind. They tightly hold our mouth with their hands. One of the boys stepped in front of me and said in a calm voice, “Do not get scared, we shall not hurt you.” I said to myself that may be they were robbers and would loot us and let us go.

We had no other choice but to follow their instructions. They started demanding to remove all our valuable belongings. Initially we tried to resist through verbal argument but all in vain. One of them removed a knife and threatened us for our lives. Finally, we had to surrender by handing them our gold chains, expensive wristwatches and the money, which we had. Soon they drove away in their jeep. Due to darkness, we could not note down their jeep number.

This unique encounter with the robbers was the first and the last of its kind. Even after so many days, its memory scares my sister like a bad dream. barn thankful to God that the rogues did not harm us in any other way.


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