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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Role of Internet and Television in Electronic Media” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Role of Internet and Television in Electronic Media

The transition from an agrarian economy to an industrial economy in the last millennium will not be as fast as the march into the digital millennium. Technology is facilitating the great leap forward and what was relevant in the morning is no longer relevant by now.

Globalisation and the opening up of sheltered economics and the merging and emerging of nations is ensuring that geography is history.

One sector which has been showing tremendous growth worldwide is media and more specifically television and the internet, and to some extent the print medium. Those nations and people who have been starved for entertainment and information, have been getting and enjoying it greatly. Governments worldwide have responded by putting hurdles in their path. But not for long, media has inadvertently found its way in.

There’s no doubt television in recent times has helped create employment. The television industry here has since 1993 helped create around half a million or more jobs in everything from cable TV to production to management of television businesses. The number of population owing television sets in India has just doubled since the arrival of satellite television in India, thereby serving as an engine of growth for TV manufactures. Television. because it is a public, has fueled sales not only of television sets but also others related and unrelated industries. Right from post production studios to electronic and cable TV hardware to music systems to soaps to garments to food to shampoo as viewers get mesmerised by the products that are being promoted by advertisers on television and go out and buy them.

Television is playing a major role in promoting the consumerist life-style as it plays to people’s aspirations. How much is the television business worth today ? The answer is it’s about Rs. 20000 crore or even more. If you look at the cumulative effect it has had on our economy it could be in excess of Rs. 50,000 crore per annum. That’s not a amount to sniff at. And its only headed one way : north.

The internet and its public face, the world wide web, have been the spur to this tremendous churning the world is going through today. The internet is another medium of communication like the the newspaper, the book, the telephone, radio and television set of yesteryear. It is the most sophisticated medium that has been developed by far. It has made one to one communication a reality. It .allows an individual to create his own newspaper and have it delivered to him at his computer. Every morning it has given us the chance to shop online and talk to people worldwide at a fraction of the cost of traditional means of communications. It has given us the freedom to choose. This has led to an explosion in teleworking jobs for American and European companies done in India by savvy imported entrepreneurs.

The Internet has, in its way, dismantled hurdles to entrepreneurship. It has broken down entry barriers to publishing. If you are a literary talent wanting to be read, you don’t have to go knocking on thousands of doors of publishers to publish your work. There was a time when starting a newspaper meant a huge investment in terms of printing processes, manpower, distribution and promotion; with the internet only the last is essential. Electronic newspapers are all the rage today and at least a dozen new ones are cropping up every day even as many are shutting down. This is bringing about structural changes in the industry and impacting reading habits. A survey by an agency showed that more and more people looked to the internet first for breaking news, they do not want to read long articles; they want headlines; frequently updated newspapers advertising revenues have been growing fast.

Television and Internet have also been a major engine of growth in area of a human capital, the need of contact for both has given an inputs to the creative talent that has been suppressed, thanks to the lack of opportunity. Earlier, the only options to creative outpouring were cinema, radio, theatre and print media. Today thanks to the option of television and internet, the creative aspirations of many are being allowed to flourish. We arena information and knowledge age. There is premium on knowledge and innovation.

The role of Television (media) has undoubtedly evolved over the years. From being just an entertainer and informer it has become a driving force of the way we live in. It creates attitude and culture. It has been playing a very large role in shaping the human mind. And it will continue to do so in an even more pronounced manner in the future.


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