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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Children as the Determiners of India’s Future” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Children: Leaders of Tomorrow


Children as the Determiners of India’s Future

Not enough is being done for the children of our country. It is evident from such disturbing features like infant mortality, child morbidity, child malnutrition, childhood disability, child abuse, child beggary, street children, child labour, child marriage, juvenile delinquency, drug addiction, and the like. A great literacy figure has recently said that the basic needs of the child cannot be postponed. His need for milk, nutritious food, care of the mother, schooling, appropriate medicare cannot be postponed. In other words, if we neglect the care of children, we are jeopardising the future of the nation.

At every stage the child needs the loving care of the family, society and the nation. In the prenatal and impressionable years of childhood the children require proper immunisation, preventive health care, nutrition, proper caring, love and security. For a child to be healthy, the mother too has to be healthy. Where the incidence of maternal mortality is high, the mother is anaemic and the infants die before they rise to see their first birthday, it should be presumed that the state and the community are not doing their duty towards either the mothers and their children. It is a shame that in October 2002 as many as 24 children died a few days after their birth in a leading hospital in Kolkata. Mothers dying during delivery is a blot on the health care infrastructure of the country and represents the denial of the right of the child to be born. While we boast of. IT, space research and other achievements, we fail to provide the basic medicare to expectant mothers and children.

The fact that there is still poor enrolment in elementary education and that many drop out of schools for reasons of poverty or burdensome and lackluster curriculum makes millions of children ill-equipped to face the responsibilities of the future. Poverty of their parents and our failure to make elementary education a universal phenomenon have helped spawn the ugly phenomenon of child labour. India has the dubious distinction of producing the largest child labour force in the world. Some of the states have introduced mid-day meal schemes to attract poor children to schools and retain them,but still the problem of children staying away from school poses a great challenge to the nation.

As per a UNICEF report, more than 100 million children world-wide, two-thirds of them being girls, do not go to school; 30 million in the third world are not immunised against diseases like polio, tetanus or measles, while as many as 11 million children fight a silent battle against malnutrition and nearly half die yearly before their fifth birthday. Many died of starvation in MP and Rajasthan in 2002 amidst plenty of food grains in the country.


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