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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Power Corrupts and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely

Power acts as an intoxicant and a person who drinks deep into the power loses hold over his commonsense. He becomes intoxicated and heeds no counsel, however wise it might be. It blinds him towards the realities and hence he fails to give out justice. He becomes unscrupulous in his ways and behaviour and any word of wisdom from the elders appears an affront to him, and so he goes on committing unlawful and illegal deeds. This is, so especially with a person who wields absolute power. It is in the very nature of the scepter that it breeds corruption and when the rod of power is absolute and it has no restraints from any quarters, it results in absolute corruption.

The question as to why power corrupts can be examined easily by any person being in possession of his normal senses. When a Person sits in seat of power, he becomes proud; it is nothing but natural, and a proud man always looks skyward and the result is that he loses touch with the earth. Thus his skyward flight takes him away from the hard realities of life and he regards himself to be the all in all. However, he fails to realize that pride hath a fall. He only goes on doing things that tend to hamper his pride, unmindful of the laws of the land or the social values operating at that time. So a time comes when he is at the height of his earthly power which invariably corresponds with his height of corruption.

This fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts – absolutely, can easily be supported and substantiated by giving examples from the human history. Take, for example, the days of Germany in the times of Hitler and that of Italy in the time of Mussolini. How absolutely corrupt they became as they reached the pinnacle of their power ! The rulers of Russia before the Revolution of 1917 were absolutely corrupt. A dictator would never think of the public good. His only mission would be to keep the power concentrated in his hands and rule with the rod of power, not caring for any scruples whatsoever. Even in recent times there have been dictators in our neighboring countries who have crushed the popular feelings under their iron heels. They only indulge in tall talk but actually give nothing to the masses: Masses are only pampered with palatable slogans and the mass media are switched into service to enhance the hold of the ruler over the country. Lucrative promises are made day in and day out but nothing comes out of it. If at all a little is done, it is exaggerated hyperbolically and the people are fed on the mass propaganda let loose day and night.

It is for the wise people to see that their interests are well protected and they do not give any chance to any person who can exploit them to sub serve their own interests. But this is not an easy task. Only mass support can frustrate the evil designs of a corrupt ruler who aspires for absolute power. So the responsibility devolves on the shoulders of all well-meaning people to check this tendency.


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