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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Pollution and Its Types” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Pollution and Its Types

Pollution is an important cause for the loss of life on the Earth. Unwanted and too much addition of toxic substances in air, water, noise and soil leads to pollution. Pollution has adversely affected and changed the natural and unique quality of environment. It has caused negative effects on living organisms. Residues and leftovers of various things produced by men and throwaway objects contributes in polluting the environment.

Pollutants disturb our natural surroundings. Today the problem of pollution is experienced by numerous nations. People are forced to breathe polluted air for their living. One of the common factors of air pollution is carbon monoxide gas produced by vehicles. Industrial plants producing cement, various chemicals, etc. are the major sources of air pollution. These plants release toxic smoke, different gases, vapours and dust particles. Excessive use of pesticides and insecticides releases pollutants in the air. When such chemical substances,collect in any place beyond a certain level, their harmful effects can be seen. Atmospheric pollution leads to breathing disorders, cancers, disorders of the urinary bladder, high blood pressure, vision problems, etc.

Water becomes contaminated with any kind of adverse changes in its physical characteristic. It becomes unfit to use. Release of waste materials from industries and factories contain harmful chemicals and acids. They can lead to the death of aquatic life. Consumption of polluted water causes diseases like jaundice, typhoid and cholera. Oil spill from the tankers in the seas and oceans causes severe damage to marine birds, fishes and other creatures.

Noise pollution is another kind of pollution. Continuous movement of vehicles increases the levels of noise. Loud speakers disturb the peace of the surrounding area and increase the noise level. Noise pollution causes physical uneasiness and temporary or permanent ear damage. It can even cause emotional disturbances.

Various countries including India have taken steps to control pollution. Agriculture acts as an important livelihood of Indian population. Awareness about harmful effects of pesticides has been a great gain to the environmental movement. This has helped in controlling the pollution. The use of thin plastic bags is prohibited by the Government, as they are harmful to the environment. In short,we must understand that lesser the pollution longer the life of the living things on the planet.


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