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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “My Ambition” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Ambition

A person without any ambition in life is like a ship without a rudder. He has no destination. He does not have urge to make a start. He reaches no where. He is tossed about like a straw in the wind. He achieves nothing in life. So everybody should have an ambition in life. But simply having ambition is not enough. Whatever be the ambition, it must be backed up by continuous efforts to achieve it. If a person sets an ambition before him, but does nothing to achieve it, his ambition is no more than idle dream or a pious resolution.

Different persons have different ambitions. The nature of ambition varies from man to man, depending upon his family background, upbringing, social status and economic condition etc. Thus some person’s sole ambition in life is the amassing of wealth by overt or covert means. It is with this end in sight that people demand fabulous dowries in the marriage of their sons. Some-times, they also indulge in criminal acts like smuggling or drug peddling to make quick buck. Corruption has taken deep roots in India because of this ambition.

Wealth is not everything in life. The ambition of some others is to earn fame so that even after their death they may be remembered. Thus, we find people trying to become top artists, journalists, educationists, sportsmen etc. even though these pursuits may not enable them to earn much wealth.

 There are others who want neither wealth nor fame. Their prime aim is targeted at serving the humanity. They believe that the service of mankind is the service of God. Mahatma Gandhi and Swami Vivekanand had laid great stress on alleviating the suffering of the poor. Mother Teresa, the angel of peace, and Baba Amte rendered a yeomen’s service to the poor and the destitute people who were in need of love and care.

Some young boys and girls dream to become film stars. To become a film stars one should be ready to face intense competition. If your ambition is firm and to achieve it you endeavour assiduously you will cross every hurdle to become the film star provided you possess or acquire the prerequisites to stardom through dogged efforts and firm determination. It will enable you to earn both wealth and fame and lead a glamorous life. These days, a number of persons also wish to go and settle down in the developed countries like USA, Canada, Britain or Germany where they can earn more and lead a luxurious life.

As for myself, I neither want wealth nor fame. Besides, I do not want to become an actor. I have no liking for politics because it has been defamed by the politicians who pursue their self interest, rather than serving the motherland. In other words, politician has become the last resort of the scoundrel.

My ambition in life is to become a teacher. There are numerous reason for my choice. First 38% of the people in India are illiterate. They are steeped in ignorance. They are governed by superstitions. By becoming a teacher I will be able to remove illiteracy ignorance and superstitions to some extent.

Secondly though the teachers of our country are ill-paid. Yet it is one of the noblest profession. This profession will enable me to translate the Gandhian principle of simple living and high thinking into reality.

Thirdly this profession will enable me to serve the cause of education. According to Plato education is turning of the eyes towards light. By adopting the profession of teaching I can hope to perform this stupendous task.

Fourthly, teaching profession calls for a missionary zeal and a sense of dedication. I possess both these qualities in ample measure. I have great aptitude for this profession. Therefore, if I join this profession, it will give me job satisfaction. It will mean fulfillment of my cherished ambition.

Fourthly, the students of today are the citizens of tomorrow. This profession will enable me to make my humble contribution in the building of my nation by instilling the spirit of nationalism and patriotism in my students.

The bane of present day life is that people only preach’aloud without translating their words into deeds. Teachers are real architects of the nation. I will preach only what I practise and inculcate the high value of simple living and high thinking in my students so that they may become model citizens whom others may emulate.

In view of the foregoing reasons I am convinced that my ambition to become a teacher is a step in the right direction. I will, therefore, spare no efforts to achieve this ambition of my life.


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