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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Is Science a Blessing or Curse?” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Is Science a Blessing or Curse?

Life is like a piano; what we get out of it depends on how we play it. Everything in the world has its uses and abuses. It is the human conscience and psyche that governs its use or abuse. The same case applies to science.

Science has been derived from the ancient word “Scientia” which means “knowledge” and keeping in view the present situation we can very strongly say that this knowledge has given us countless things and is still moving in the same direction with greater and greater speed. If we use the gifts of science in positive direction with positive intention, then they will provide us with desirable results but if we put them in the wrong way, the results will definitely be disastrous. It will then be hard, to judge whether science is a blessing or a curse.

Much of the progress that humankind has made till now is associated with science. Not only material progress but also the mental outlook of humans has been influenced by it. We have tried to unveil the mysteries of nature to the fullest extent. We have been successful in shortening distances in the world and reached out even beyond. We can explore the depths of oceans and send teams of astronauts to space to know more about the heavenly bodies.

We have been able to increase longevity, arrest the gradual decay of human body and control the spread of lethal diseases by making extraordinary life prolonging drugs and medicines. A number of killer diseases are new curable. Cancer for instance is not feared as much as it was earlier. Surgery of the heart and even the brain no longer remains as painful as it was earlier.

The food production levels have gone high considerably and quality has also improved significantly. Industry and agriculture have progressed to higher productivity levels through scientific knowledge and technological advancement. On a more mundane level, electricity has dispelled darkness and humid heat is no more a trouble for we have fans, air coolers and air conditions which have made the life of ordinary humans more comfortable. Technological innovations have changed even the common man’s way of life. Gas Stove and bio gas lighting have brought a different feel to more and more villages. The discovery and development of large number of powerful energy sources—coal, petroleum, natural gas. Electricity etc —have enabled humanity to conquer the banters of nature. All this has facilitated the growth of fast Mode of transport, which in turn has transformed the world into a global village.

The singular invention which has become as omnipresent today, as did the iron and bronze tools in the past ages, is the computer. An invention of miraculous dimensions, computers have revolutionized our lifestyles. In less than fifty years they have influenced practically every field of activity. The computer age is now a reality. Automation in banks and railway stations has provided relief to the public and staff alike. Ticketing and reservation have become more efficient and convenient. Business transactions are easier and high volume of associated data is easily managed using computers. In medical diagnosis, computers are being used to locate and investigate accurately and precisely any abnormalities or diseases. Computer is the backbone of Information Technology whose major application lies in Internet. Internet has some very useful -applications in our day-to-day life.

Whether we have to undergo a minor surgery take admission in a foreign institution, collect geographical information of any region, want to chat with anybody in any corner of the world or want to search for the life partner of our choice, the Internet is the fastest and cheapest way to do so.

Mobile phones are the outcome of Information Technology. In a nutshell, we can say that what began as a ripple is today emerging as a giant wave. The boon of science has raised us-to the heights unimagined. Now, we can easily keep pace with the changing time. The blessings of science now shine in every nook and corner of this world. But at the same time, it cannot be denied that the boon in many cases has been turned to bane by misusing it. In the present scenario it is really difficult to judge whether science is a blessing or a curse.

 In the Hindu mythology, a tale goes that once the devil Bhasmasur made Lord Shiva happy by penancing. The lord agreed to grant him a boon. Bhasmasur said, “O Lord. If my penance has really pleased you then empower me with the boon of destroying anybody as soon as I keep my palm on his head “Lord Shiva said, “tattle astu” meaning “so be it”. To check whether the boon works or not Bhasmasur starts running after lord Shiva with the intention of keeping his palm on the lord’s head and destroying him. Lord Vishnu comes to know about this matter. He appears in front of Bhasmasur in his “Mohini roop” Bhasmasur gets enchanted by the beauty of “Mohini” and starts dancing with her. While dancing by mistake, keeps his palm on his own head and is destroyed. For him, his boon turns into a curse. Today, we are experiencing the same thing. Using the gifts of science in the wrong way is also destroying us. The blessing is behaving like a curse. There are numerous examples which prove that boon has been turned into bane.

Television, a gift of science gives us information almost about everything. It is a good source of entertainment. But mere are many programmes which promote violence and the teenagers are more interested in watching those programmes.

Television and teenage violence is not a new thing for us. The world over, more and more teenagers are involved in robberies, muggings, murders and rape. Aggressiveness and violence at an early age have led to shocking crimes: son murdering his mother, brothers killing one another, daughter poisoning her parents, and many more such incidents are directly or indirectly attributed to impact of the violent and indecent programmes displayed on television.

Sometimes even the mature people are influenced by the programmes they view on TV and apply different methods of crime shown in movies and serials in daily life, Guns, revolvers, tanks and fighter planes, etc. were invented to develop a strong security system to protect the innocent masses so that they can freely move and survive without any fear but their misuse is now crushing humanity. Terrorists are using lethal weapons, the creation of science, to create terror in the hearts and minds of innocents.

Biotechnology is a great boon for fight against chronic diseases which humanity has been suffering from. But along with medicines highly dangerous biological weapons have also been developed. Even the terrorists are planning to acquire and use these weapons. Germs are deliberately released into the air to cause disease. Anthrax envelops are used for spreading terrorism. The use of pesticides and fertilizers has been a boon in many respects, but out of a drive to yield more and more, their input to the soil was increased so much that the danger of salinity of soil started arising. Motor vehicles, no doubt, emit a lot of poisonous materials into the atmosphere. Mobile phones have given us a very efficient means of communication but at the same time it is hazardous to health. Cyber crime is the outcome of technology. The MMS racket of Delhi and many other similar cases have rocked different parts of the country. Webcams are secretly being installed in hotel rooms, thus invading the privacy of people.

We can conclude by saying that science has two faces.  When we use it the jelly face appears but when we misuse it. Its hostile face terrifies us. So, it depends on mankind which face they want to see. Like the flight of a dove the good uses of science will give us the feeling of paradise but it’s wrong use will throw us in the pit of serpents. There is an appropriate way to do anything. There is a way to sing. There is a way to dance. There is a way to play music. Similarly, there is a right way to use gifts of science so that it appears as a blessing and not as a curse.


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