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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “India of My Dreams” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

India of My Dreams

“Be proud that you are an Indian: I proudly claim I am an Indian, every Indian is my brother”

— Swami Vivekananda

The contemporary population of India cannot assert this. I following a stretched spell of the British rule, India attained independence in 1947.

The Britishers left no stone unturned to demolish the culture of India. They anglicised our culture, distorted our history and divided our country into two parts. Although after over 60 years of Independence. there have been many changes and innovations which India can be proud of, yet our society which evolved in the modern era, has started accommodating certain wrong practices as well as a way of life.

India of my dreams is full with new drastic changes that led to the upliftment of our nation and its emergence as a prime superpower with negligible curses India of my dreams will be free from the epidemic of overpopulation. This curse is distorting our country’s image on world map. India of my dreams realises the importance of the assumption that small family is happy one, but large is jam-packed with troubles. Family planning and population control will be given top precedence as unless the problem of ever increasing numbers is resolved the other problems allied with it, linger on. Corruption-free nation is also one of my dreams of India because this evil is eating the roots of our country and making it hollow. Corruption, nepotism and dishonesty have pervaded every fabric of our social living.

Right from the peon to the ministers, the whole system has become moth-eaten. In my India, the lesson of honesty and moral values must be taught to the students because they represent the true potentials of our country. Persons of sturdy temperament should be engaged in all the spheres of governance. The Government employees must be told to resist any temptation while discharging their duties and those among them who follow such an instruction must be encouraged and honoured in public. Dishonest persons should not only be dismissed but should be publicly fogged and put behind the bars because no person is permissible to play with my nation’s esteem.

The most precious gift of God to human being is his birth. We sometimes feel like starting to re-live our childhood days when we were free from tensions and work pressure, but can we have the same feeling while speaking of a problem like child labour? We all know the answer. So India of my dreams will be one where children are allowed to be children—studying, playing, laughing and not working in the darkness of ignorance. For building that India, 100 per cent literacy is necessary with free education to all the students up to 12th standard. Especially those who are from below the poverty line families. The maxim of ‘Each one, teach one” will prove very effective to achieve this goal.

Poverty is a condition in which human is deprived of basic needs not only of roti, kapdaa our makaan (food, clothing and shelter), but also, shiksha and chikitsa (education and medication). The most palpable effect of poverty is hunger which impinges on human mental and physical growth, causing undernourished skeletons. This situation will not arise in my India. Every child will be given proper food, shelter and education and jobs security will be given to his parents so that their children do not suffer in future.

India with the world’s best Government will also be one of my dreams. A government which is just not of the people but also by the people and honestly, for the people. Politicians should come out of their political web and approach the people of their areas to listen to their genuine grievances and remove them.

My India envisions politicians who work for the welfare of people through face to face contact instead of sitting in their air-conditioned room with a laptop and a mobile.

There will never be a generation of great men until there has been a generation of free women. Let us face it. For all the progress that is claimed to have been made in India, the fact remains that ours is a patriarchal society in which woman counts for very little. They should have active participation in decision-making both in domestic and political affairs. They should be treated at par with their male counterparts

India of my dreams is one where women are fully liberated, emancipated and content. Proper education with dignity would facilitate all women to face every challenge and make them independent to take decision about their marriage, rights and even about child birth.

Two-thirds of our population still earns a living from agriculture. With the application of new technologies, agriculture must be galvanised. Massive production in crops will help achieve a second “Green Revolution’ and definitely help to end the poverty in my India.

Industry is very important for the economy. We are abundantly enriched with mineral resources which are narnessed to boost manufacturing in my India. Gargantuan industrialisation will amplify production, economy and generate employment. India of my dream is such that we are in a position to give financial assistance to other countries instead of taking from them.

Secularism is what I really want to maintain in my India. Our Indian culture is famous for ‘unity in diversity’. For that we have to pool in all our efforts by removing the barricades among us of race, religion, caste and creed. We should remove all geographical, political, cultural and linguistic blockades and stand together for the cause of the well-being and prosperity of our nation. My India will be free from the curse of casteism and communalism because such detrimental tendencies spread faster than fire and cause irreparable damage to the social fabric of society and unity of the nation. The biggest religion is humanity and my India will favour this.

Reservation for SCs/STs/OBCs should definitely be there to enable them to join the national mainstream economically and socially, but we must ensure that poor people from higher castes as also from lower castes are the main beneficiaries of upliftment in my India. Reservation should be extended to include the economically marginalised section of society irrespective of their caste and community. The main spur is to place the right person in the right place according to his/her qualifications and talent, whatever caste he/she belongs to.

Youth is the best time to be rich, and the worst time to be poor also. Those who are young play a vital role in the development of nation. So, India of my dream is full with job opportunities for talented young persons so that they project themselves in a smooth manner. Employment with lucrative money and well established R&D (Research and Development) centres have been given to new emerging doctors, engineers and scientists so to check the brain drain. Instead of feeling tedious they will be encouraged to yield positive results.

Humanity is more at risk now because of latest developments in the field of nuclear technology and numerous terrorist organisations which are trying to capitalise on them. Terrorism for many years has spread to every part of the country. India of my dream will be free from the menace of terrorism. The naxalites and State-sponsored terrorists will be stamped out from the nation.

India is playing a major rote in maintaining global tranquility by detailing its army personnel to the UN Peacekeeping Force in different trouble spots of the world, which Is quite laudatory. India of my dreams is one which is strong enough to defend herself from any anarchist nation and give a jaw breaking fist also. Our army should be well-equipped with modern equipments and nuclear weapons so that nobody dare ever think to cast an evil glance on any part of our country.

India of my dreams will be a permanent member of the UN Security Council with ‘Veto Power’. Already many countries like UK. France and Russia have supported its claim. This is the time to seize the initiative and bring to the notice of the international community India’s achievements so that it can take right place in the emerging global power. India of my dreams will be a classless society, one without high or low class but with only one class the members of which will live in perfect harmony with one another. It will be full of prosperity, brotherhood, peace, love, care as well as fraternity.

 It is pretty much easy to write but very hard to achieve all these. A vision gives a person a sense of guidance or something to achieve. A dream is the strength in one’s life, yet it will not control what one does. The mental process of a dream is all one needs to make it through each day. The dream of this India has to be attained and to achieve that we have to wake up to preserve the grand heritage of this great country—once the cradle of the world civilisation.


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