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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “If I were the Prime Minister of India” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I were the Prime Minister of India

Give me space to stand on, and I will move the earth.—Archimedes

 If authority is given to people who are fired with the desire to serve the country, they can certainly change things for the better. As a young citizen, I have always dreamed of an India where there is no corruption, where even the poorest of the poor get two square meals a day. and where even the last man in the social hierarchy can :ive with his head held high. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would endeavour to convert this dream of mine into a reality.

Administrative reforms would be my first priority as the Prime Minister of India. In our country the government exercises all its functions through the agency of the bureaucracy So, a government’s efficiency depends to a large extent on the bureaucracy. The Indian bureaucracy, with the Indian Administrative Service at its helm, which was once considered to be the country’s steer frame, has lost its lustre over the years. With no clear accountability, it has grown into an unwieldy organisation. Its rigid procedures of work breed red tapism, corruption and nepotism. The lack of skilled manpower, professional training, remuneration and motivation further plagues the system. To overhaul the system, therefore, I would reorganize it to suit the present times.

Firstly, the functions of every official would be dearly defined. He would have the necessary and sufficient authority to carry out his job and would be accountable for it. Secondly, I would ensure that all the employees go through a professional training. Even peons would be trained in hospitality and office etiquettes. Thirdly, I would implement the recommendations of the various Law Commissions to repeal the unnecessary laws and subordinate laws. Fourthly, I would offer better remuneration to all the employees so that the best in the business are selected. Fifthly, I would get all the government offices and the offices of the public sector undertakings across the country computerised and automated for better efficiency. Finally, all the employees would have to disclose their assets while joining the service and also from time to time so that corruption can be checked.

However, often petty officials are caught while accepting bribes and big fish hoodwink the arm of the law. Therefore, I would get the Lok Pal Bill passed so that even the Prime Minister comes under the scanner. Stricter laws alone, however, would not serve any deterrence so long as it takes years for courts to punish a criminal. For speedier justice, therefore, I would increase the strength of the higher judiciary. More benches of every High Court would be set up. Besides, the strength of the Supreme Court would also be raised to over a hundred judges, so that more than a dozen cases can be simultaneously heard by different benches in different chambers. I would even go for evening shifts of courts for quicker disposal of pending cases.

I would also set up an all-India judicial service on the lines of the IAS, IPS and IFS, so that the process of the recruitment of judges is more transparent. Besides, I would try to bring the process of selection of the Chief Justice of India and other judges of the Supreme Court back into the democracies realm as in other democracies.

My next priority would be to reform agriculture. Nature has chosen India to be a land of farmers. It has endowed India with huge tracts of fertile soil, ample water resources and a favourable climate—everything that can make the country a farmer’s paradise. Naturally, agriculture is the main occupation of the people here. Even today two-thirds of our population depends on it, directly or indirectly, for subsistence.

Sadly, successive governments at the Centre have failed to recognise the importance of agriculture. They have treated it as just another head of expenditure. Consequently, agriculture is in a state of abysmal crisis even as hundreds of farmers across the country are committing suicides.

To make agriculture viable, I would raise Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for crops so as to make them commensurate V their costs of production. Secondly, I would impose tariffs or the imports of crops like cotton so that farmers in our country do not suffer due to artificial fluctuations in the prices of Cedar crops in the international market.

Finally, I would increase the public expenditure in agriculture so that all the pending irrigation projects in the country arc completed on a war footing. At the same time I would ensure that all those who are displaced by such projects get proper compensation for their lands. All these measures would boost the agriculture production. However, many mathematical models have shown that there would not be enough demand to absorb the growth in agriculture. Therefore, to sustain the demand, I would extend the Midday Meal Scheme to schools in rural areas all over the country. In primary schools, students would also be given milk or fruit juice, whichever is locally available. These two measures would not only promote horticulture and animal husbandry, but also ensure attendance of children in schools and thereby check malnutrition and child labour. At the same time it will contribute to the spread of literacy.

Having ensured the attendance of children in schools, would take steps to make learning a fun for the children. Instead of learning by rote, the children would be taught the romance of learning. For that I would arrange for the proper training of primary school teachers. I would also lay more stress on sports, yoga and physical exercises in the curriculum.

To develop infrastructure would be my next priority. The Congress-led United Progressive Alliance Government is implementing two very useful programmes, namely the Bharat Nirman Project and the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission. If I were the Prime Minister of India, I would also emulate these programmes.

For a country like ours which is growing at over 8 per cent per annum, long-term planning for energy is both important and imperative. To meet our energy demands, I would go for an optimum mix of both conventional and non-conventional energy resources. India has clear skies and bright sunlight throughout the year. To utilise this infinite resource of energy, I would make it compulsory for all buildings—residential, commercial or official—to install solar panels on their roofs to meet their daily energy needs.

To implement all these measures, I would need huge funds. To organise them, I would widen the taxpayers’ base. I would strengthen my revenue intelligence mechanism so that nobody can evade taxes. My policy would be to go inch deep and miles wide. That is, taxes would be lesser but the number of taxpayers would be more.

My next priority would be to resolve some of the contentious issues before the nation. First of all, I would try to enact the Election Commission’s proposal on increasing the representation of women in politics. The Commission had suggested that instead of reserving seats for women in the Parliament, we should go for reservation within political parties. That is, every recognised political party would have to field female candidates from at least one third of the total seats it is contesting in an election. A party violating this norm would lose its recognition. Secondly, I would try to solve the Ayodhya imbroglio. Although the matter is subjudice, excavations have hinted at the existence of a temple at the disputed site in Ayodhya. Whoever had pulled down the temple and built the mosque or its ruins had, without a doubt, committed a grave sin. But since then, the mosque had been there like any other mosque. And to pull it down to correct the mistake committed over 500 years ago defies all logic. After all, the Muslims of today have nothing to do with the one who had destroyed the temple. So, the best way out would be to build both a temple and a mosque at the disputed site. I would try to bring about such a settlement outside the court.

Two years ago, the case of lmrana had brought the issue of Uniform Civil Code on the anvil. I think all the citizens of a country should be governed by the same set of laws, for all are Indians first and Hindus or Muslims afterwards. So, I would try to introduce a Uniform CM! Code in the country Such a measure may affect the popularity of my government. But that would not matter so long as the long-term interest of the nation is served.

Cross-border terrorism, militancy in the North-East and naxalism together constitute a grave threat to the integrity and unity of our nation. I would firmly tell our neighbouring countries a curb all the anti-India activities in their territories. Once the supply of arms and money is stopped, terrorists can be eliminated. While suppressing the terrorists with an iron hand, I would also welcome those giving up arms.

As far as our foreign policy is considered, it has been our tradition that the government of the day follows the international commitments made by the previous government even if the two are not of the same political party. I would continue this glorious tradition. I would especially try to settle all the outstanding disputes with Pakistan through negotiations.

 To achieve all this would be a tall order, especially in a democratic country like ours where majority takes all decisions. But I would be more than happy even if I could give myself seven on a scale of ten for my performance.


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