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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “If I Were the Prime Minister of India” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were the Prime Minister of India

Essay # 01

Being the head of the government the Prime Minister runs the country and can take the country to the great height of prosperity by his wise policies. If I become the Prime Minister I will bring about far-reaching changes in various fields.

My first priority will be the maintenance of law and order. All efforts will be made to provide security to the life and property of the citizens. Anti-social elements will be ruthlessly eliminated. Their helpers will not be spared. Respect for the laws of the land will be inculcated in the citizens.

More allocation of funds would be done for education. The education up to senior secondary level would be free and compulsory. Teachers will be given attractive salaries and due respect. No capitation fee will be tolerated. Efforts will be made to make education employment-oriented.

Taxation laws will be simplified to make them tax-payer friendly. The rate of taxation will be on the lower side and evasion of taxes will not go unpunished come what may. Currency notes of the high denomination will not remain in circulation. It will check bribery in its own way.

At least one member from each family will be given employment or means of self-employment.

No reservation on a caste basis but only on economic grounds.

Efforts will be made to make people shun larger families. Services of the religious preachers will be taken to counsel their followers to opt for small families.

Efforts will be made to make the country a strong and self-respecting nation. No lenient view for those countries that are snakes in the grass.

Above all, efforts will be made to mold the nation in a way that does not depend on the elements.

I will work for the nation relentlessly knowing very well that the office of P.M. is not a bed of roses.


Essay # 02

If I Were The Prime Minister of India


India is an ancient country. She is the birthplace of some of the greatest philosophies of the world. However, over the years imperialism and then growing population and poverty have played havoc with the development and the morale of the nation.

Many problems plague the country today. There is corruption indifferent administration, crime, unemployment, illiteracy, and inept rulers.

If I were to become the Prime Minister of this country I would try to solve all these problems one at a time

The problem of corruption is one of the main problems in this country. This will be dealt with by appointing people with a spotless reputation to the responsible positions. I will clean the administration by making the whole process of administration more transparent and accountable.

Indifferent administration is the bane of our country. I will solve this problem by cutting down the number of appointments at the junior and middle level, by increasing accountability, and by increasing the salary and other benefits to the personnel.

The young people of our country are a frustrated lot today. They are unable to find jobs or satisfactory opportunities of unemployment. I will seek to tackle this problem by first of all paying more attention to vocational education. Secondly, by giving more self-employment opportunities to these people. Thirdly, by ensuring easy loans, single-window clearances, and assured markets for their products for at least five years. This will go a long way in solving the unemployment problem of the country

The increasing rate of crime in the country is a definite drawback to the development process. Some misguided youngsters are out to make quick money without doing any hard work. They live as parasites in society. Their actions are not profitable; instead, they harm society. This problem will be handled by making a provision for summary trial in the Indian Penal Code. Quick punishment and extremely heavy fines will stop those who wish to take to crimes. The law enforcement personnel will have a very competitive pay structure and other benefits. They will also be indoctrinated to take pride in their profession. Interdepartmental corruption will be dealt with by interdepartmental vigilance.

Another major problem of the country is illiteracy. A large number of people have not received even the primary education. I will deal with this problem by ensuring that each and every child receives education at least till class X. Non-compliance with this rule will entitle a person to a heavy fine or a suitable punishment. The powers to punish a person will be vested in a Zilla Council. This council will be appointed by the people of the area themselves. Meanwhile, the parents of the working children will be provided with suitable employment. This promise would be included in the labor laws.

Lastly, the problem of inept rulers will be solved by amending the constitution to ensure that no person with a post-independence criminal record, and without a genuine educational qualification or a professional practice or jobs is allowed to contest the election. The current laws regarding the money power in the elections are sufficient to stop any further criminalization of the election.

These are some of the steps I wish to take in the event of my attaining the post of Prime Minister-Ship.


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