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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “If I Were a Doctor” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

If I Were a Doctor

A doctor is perhaps the most useful member of the society. He is an angel for his patients as he draws them out of the jaws of death. He works with a missionary zeal and sacrifices his comforts to the service of mankind. Even at odd hours he is prepared to attend to the patients. His mission is to restore his patients’ health. He reinvokes in his patients a desire to live and live healthy and purposefully. Such doctors are few and far between.

If I become a doctor, I will never ignore or forget the oath I undertook to serve ailing human beings to the best of my ability selflessly and without any ulterior purpose. To be so will minimize my wants. This will prevent me from making my profession a money-minting machine. My fees will be moderate and the poor will be treated free of charge. When I have no lure for money I will be able to imbibe the qualities of sympathy, kindness and love and make them an integral part of my personality. For home visits I will not charge more.

I will try to make every season healthy. My stress will be on prevention. I will teach people hygiene and sanitation and use of certain medicines as first aid. I will remain true to my profession and will not recommend medicines that guarantee a good commission for me. I will respect the tests done by the established laboratories and will not ask my patients to undergo tests again and that too from the particular labs.

I will keep my desire to learn and amass new knowledge alive and will remain a student all my life. I will have update knowledge.

I will not issue false medical certificate to people. Moreover, I will not keep the relatives of the sick in darkness and tell them the real condition of the sick.

I pray to God to give me strength enough to follow the ideals set by myself.


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  1. Mitali Bhaskar says:

    It was a good essay but there’s a problem there. Why you have taken ‘he’ as a pronoun for doctors? I mean there are so much successful female doctors present out there. Maybe you’ve done it by mistake. Hope it’s the only matter.

  2. Sanskrit Singh Rajpoot says:

    The essay is fantastic 😍.
    But I wouldn’t say I like it because you only used male pronouns to complete the essay.
    You should use both like he/she is an angel to their patients.

  3. Vijendra Singh says:

    This is to good at all and I wouldn’t ask you that the female also have power to become a doctor Thank you

  4. Rahul yadav says:

    The essay is best.

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