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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Godmen and New Cults” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Godmen and New Cults

Since time immemorial religion has always been a source of fascination for the human mind. Man is afraid of his death but not of his deeds. Man feels that his deeds are not worth a scrutiny. But we always consider death to be a supreme change that would lead us to salvation. So, we use religion as a tool to meet our ends gracefully. Man also uses religion to overcome the guilt of his sins. lest they should inflict tortures and pain upon him after the culmination of his mortal life.

At least in the materialistic world of today, this phenomenon or thought process has no basis. However, man has always been afraid of supernatural forces, the force majeure and life after death. Religion becomes his saviour or guiding path. Virtues are certainly inculcated by following the religious norms of a faith. But reading of old verses, saying prayers, participating in colourful festivals and being a part of a sec does not lead a person to salvation. The actions of mar produce a feeling of guilt in his mind. He seeks guidance of religious books but rarely gets peace of mind.

God does present Himself before man, but only in television serials. At other times, the subconscious brain of a man is ‘nudged’ by God to move towards the right direction. Man does not understand these hints and looks for the Almighty by those means which are neither fair nor decent. These means are the precis of complete decay of man. One of these is blindly following the charismatic but dubious godmen and godwomen of the new era.

Since God is not to be seen and we must see Him or listen to His sermons, we have created some look a likes of saints or guides who can help us feel the ambience of the Almighty

These godmen and godwomen use mannerisms, excerpts from the ancient scriptures, bombastic speeches, insinuations to the sinful acts and modern examples to mesmerize the masses. They are manipulative, intelligent and resourceful. Young and old swamis and sanyasins operate throughout India. Some of them have palatial bungalows in Class. A cities as well as places for lecturing before a vast audience. Their disciples are fully equipped with most modern communication and transportation tools Many godmen go abroad and deliver lectures on spiritualism, the Vedanta. the Hindu view of life, the Sanatan Dharma, the cults and other vital topics of interest to their listeners.

There are many facets of such discourses. The first and the most important among them is the amount of funds collected from the masses. Many times these amounts reach the figure of millions of rupees. The organisers fleece the ordinary religious people (especially ladies) of their hard-earned money. The irony is that people are looted with their awn consent.

The second facet is the dissemination of ideas or thoughts among masses. The thoughts are correct; no godman will ever tell his disciples to tell a lie or consume alcohol. But what is the need to preach a dictum which has already been preached by the saints and religious leaders of the yore? One does not understand the justification of the initiation of such a revolution. The godmen’s sermons are very virtuous and truthful. They tell us about the best philosophies of spiritualism. But they are old wines in new bottles.

The third facet has a political tinge. In the times to come, godmen become political leaders. The late Dhirendra Swami is an example in this context. At one time, he was chute close to the late Mrs Indira Gandhi, the seasoned politician of her times. If she could be swayed by his sermons and mannerisms, what about the general public of India? The impact that can be made on the mind of an ordinary villager by a religious preacher cannot be realised so easily. And the poor masses would certainly vote these godmen to power, if the latter choose to take a dip in the sleazy pool of politics. Many would take their dips as they would not like to ‘displease’ their followers. Thus, we can conclude that many of them would certainly jump the political bandwagon. Today, politics is deemed a conduit for getting materialistic and other vital benefits. Once in the political limelight, these yogis would make our nation a hotbed of communal violence, unethical machinations and social strife. And no one would be able to stop them as they would be more powerful than politicians. The case of Ayatollah (who was a religious leader of Iran during the late seventies and early eighties of the century gone by) is an example in this context

Our masses are not mature enough to differentiate between a godman and a con man. Although the literacy levels have considerably improved in India yet the rural people of India remain backward, illiterate and prone to the logorrhea of the godmen and godwomen of today. Maximum damage can also be caused to old and rich women of urban India, poor people living in small cities and uneducated youths spread across the nation Magical feats, walking on fire, living under water for hours together generation of ash (bhabhoot), etc. are some of the feats performed by these angels of the modern century. Ordinary man does not realise that these are simple experiments of science and not the acts of a god.

This cult would become more forceful in the times to come. Unemployed people, illiterate ladies and the nouveaux rich would try to tread the path created by these swamis and sanyasins. The NGOs, department of culture of various States and-social workers would have to wage to a war against them. Our country has been created on the tenets of rational and time-tested faiths. She cannot afford to have more religious sects on her chest. These mini-castles of communal type could erode our faith in older religions. Confusion and chaos may result. The same would not be beneficial for the secular image of India. Our society would also be prone to moral and spiritual decay due to these dangerous trends. We must check this at all costs.


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