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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Domestic Violence and Its Causes” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Domestic Violence and Its Causes


Domestic violence is an act in which one family member physically hurts the other family member or violates upon his/her freedom. Demanding dowry from bride’s parents, denying giving money for the basic maintenance, beating, denying food and medicine, snatching salary, forcing woman out of the house, stopping her from using specific part of the house or wearing clothes, etc. are some of the acts that are included in domestic violence.

Beating, slapping, biting, kicking, punching, giving life threats like burning etc. causes physical injuries. This is called physical abuse. Talking indecent photos, ill-mannered behaviour, abnormal sexual activities, etc. are also included in domestic violence. Oral or emotional humiliation includes, embarrassing woman for not giving birth to male child, name-calling, doubting her character, stopping her children from taking education, restricting her from going outside the house, forcing her to marry against her wish or not letting her marry to a man of her choice, etc. are some other kinds of domestic violence suffered by woman.

The main cause of domestic violence lies in male-controlled social system. As the family authority is in the hands of men, some of them behave like a ruler. They misuse their power and keep women and children under their total control. Some men believe that torturing and beating their wives is their right. They treat them as slaves leading to domestic violence.

In most cases, men are the breadwinners in family. Wives and children depend on them for their basic survival. Due to this dependence, men start mistreating them. Those men having immoral habits like alcoholism, drug addiction, etc. beat members of the family especially their wives and children. Such men demand money from wives. If they deny, they harass and beaten them leading to domestic violence.

Woman has to suffer beating and different kinds of harassments if her parents fail to fulfill the evil demand of dowry during marriage. The cruelty continues until the demand is not fulfilled. As a result, dowry system leads into domestic violence. Moreover, frustration develops within men who fail to succeed in their lives. Such men live in constant stress resulting in violence towards their innocent women and children.

At times, husband is impotent. In order to hide his defect, he blames his wife that she cannot give birth to a child. Thus, he treats her unkindly. If the wife is not able to conceive, her life becomes miserable. She is abused and ill-treated by husband and his relatives. She is even blamed in house if a female child is born. Moreover, men having suspicious nature always doubt their wives’ character. Such men beat and torture them. Immoral men establish sexual relationship with other women. If they face opposition from their wives, they cannot tolerate and then they start to trouble them through domestic violence.

Sometimes, parents and other family members forbid girls from going out of the house. They even do not hesitate to beat them or discontinue their education. If the girl opposes any of their decision, she is punished through domestic violence.


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