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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “Dignity of Labour” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Dignity of Labour

Dignity of labour is a concept that indicates that all types of jobs are equally important and that one job is not greater than another, as long as it is not under-paid. The term chiefly stands for or denotes respectability of manual labour. This is the most essential culture all individuals should develop. It is better to be employed in something productive than remain idle.

The concept should be carefully examined by the scientific, academic, and literary circles. The importance of dignity of labour has to be understood to make it an engine for social progress. Every profession is important, and while profession fulfills the ambitions of an individual, it should also benefit the poor and needy in the society.

God created man for a purpose. Many people think that only a blue collar job is dignified but one shouldn’t forget that it is more dignified to earn money from honest work than getting it free or through wrong means. The value of dignity of labour should be inculcated in students and children as well so that they appreciate hard work. One of the surest safeguard against evil is useful occupation while idleness is one of the greatest curses for vices; crimes and poverty follow in its wake. A stagnant pool becomes offensive but a flowing brook spreads health and gladness over the land. While one is a symbol of idleness, the other of the industrious.

All forms of work, manual or intellectual are called labour. Tilling of land or carrying a load by hand is manual labour. But when a man reads a book or writes a letter he is engaged in intellectual work. Manual labour is of cultivators who produce the food that people take. Likewise, houses, the automobiles and other industries that are so essential to meet the requirements of man’s daily life, are products of the manual labour of millions of workers. The dignity of their toil thus has to appreciated. Work should be such that does not demean the labourer.

In India, the educated youth are generally averse to manual labour under a false pretext of dignity, whereas, in western countries even university students often work as small part-time or full-time manual helps during school or vacations in order to meet their expenses. This concept is yet to take flight in our country and can prove to be immensely helpful in inculcating the value of labour and. it’s dignity amongst our youth.

The dignity of manual and small self-employed workers is often erroneously judged. All manual works require a certain amount of mental input. E.g. the potters who make earthenware from a lump of clay use a considerable amount of sensibility and imagination and the hand-work of an artisan may also be as fine as a classical lyric. We just cannot consider any vocation high or low, dignified or humble.

Even in modern days, the importance of the manual labour cannot be undermined as the people are dependent on it in some area or the other. It is they who keep the society on the tail. We must admit that manual labourers also have a place in society, and we must give them their due honour. Manual labour can never be replaced by machines There are certain areas where manpower will always be required.

One must recognize and respect the dignity of work; pause for a moment and appreciate the love that has been put into the hardest, smallest, unnoticed and unacknowledged pieces of work which make and move the human society.


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