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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “The Power of Prayers” Complete Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Power of Prayers

Prayer is the science by which one can attune the human mind and will to the consciousness and will of God. It is a dynamic manifestation of love by the concerned, reaching out for God’s help.

Successful prayer depends to a great extent on the ability to concentrate i.e. the ability to free the mind from distractions and to place it one-pointedly on whatever one wishes. Meditation is concentration used to get to know God. Before praying, it is good to meditate. Will power is an essential element in prayer. True prayer is mental and another form of meditation. It is a daily necessity for harmonious living. It has been said that “If you are too busy for God, you are too busy.”

By the thoughts one habitually entertains and acts upon, he creates the circumstances in which his life unfolds. When immateriality predominates in man’s consciousness, there is an emission of subtle negative rays; their cumulative power disturbs the electrical balance of nature, and that is when earthquakes, floods, and other disasters happen. Modern science has shown that everything in the universe is composed of energy, and that the apparent differentiation between solids, liquids, gases, sound, and light is merely a difference in their vibratory rates. Similarly, the world’s great religions state that all created things originate in the cosmic vibratory energy of Om or Amen.

Insincere people only say that God is deaf and doubters regard prayer as a vague and ineffective exercise in wishful thinking. The ordinary person resorts to prayer only when in dire trouble and when all other options have failed. Incidentally, prayer really should be our first resort rather than the last. Material charity, social welfare work, and other forms of relief are valuable and help in temporarily alleviating the suffering of others, but sincere prayer strikes at the root-cause of it i.e. the wrong thought-patterns of mankind.

Pray not for earthly goods or for heavenly pleasures. Greet the dawn of the day and bid adieu to the setting sun with a prayer of thankfulness. Thus shall one’s life be blessed and mind radiate. When the mind becomes pure through the power of prayer, the intellect becomes sharp and keen.

Realize the presence and the love of God within and radiate it. Great saints and masters throughout history have taught that this is the only practical answer to the troubles of humankind, for there is a dynamic relationship between peoples’ consciousness and world conditions. When people speak of political, social, or international problems, they often do not realize that these conditions are nothing more than the accumulated thoughts and actions of millions of individuals. And the only way to change world conditions is to change individuals.

The blind, the deaf, the lame, the armless, the puny, the ignorant and the debased, the lowliest and the forlorn, all can pray to God; for prayer belongs to the heart and its feeling, and not to the body. Prayer does not demand high intelligence or eloquence. Even a few words from a humble, pure soul, even though illiterate, are more than the eloquent flowing words of a learned man. The prayer of a cunning, crooked and wicked man is never heard.

Prayer works wonders and moves mountains. Even when a case is pronounced to be hopeless, prayer comes to the rescue, and the patient is miraculously cured. There have been many instances of this description. Healing by prayer is really miraculous and mysterious. Prayer is not asking, but should be life-long; and the life should be one long prayer.

“No effort is complete without prayer — without definite recognition that the best human endeavor is of no effect if it has not God’s blessing behind it.” — Mahatma Gandhi


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