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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “An Indian Wedding” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

An Indian Wedding


Wedding is a marriage ceremony followed by the meal or party. In India, wedding is an important and auspicious occasion in a family. Wedding in a family brings happiness, excitement, jubilation and enjoyment to elders and children.

Days and months before the actual wedding day, a new spirit of enthusiasm spreads in the family. Several arrangements are made for the coming occasion. New clothes are bought or stitched and houses are cleaned and painted. Near and distant relatives and friends are invited to participate and grace the grand occasion. All come together, bless the bride and bridegroom and enjoy their fullest.

As the wedding date comes near and near, the entire house begins to be busier in activities from the early hours of the morning. Either bride or the bridegroom visits to the other’s house in order to perform certain religious rites. A few close relatives accompany the family. Sometimes a small group of women from the bride’s house visits to the bridegroom’s house. After a few hours, same kind of visit is carried out by the bridegroom’s house.

As per the shubhmahurat, the bridegroom goes in a procession to the bride’s place. He seats on a horse or goes in a decorated car. Loud songs are played. Bands and drums are beaten. People dance. Hearts are filled with joy and everyone is happy. Women are beautifully dressed with expensive clothes and jewellery. They even sing wedding songs.

There is a big warm welcome when the procession reaches the bride’s place. Certain important ceremonies are performed by the mother of the bride. The bridegroom is led to the wedding seat with respect and pride.

Within a short period, the wedding ceremony begins. Until than soft drinks along with starters are served to the guests. The bride sits beside or opposite to the bridegroom and the priest chants sacred mantras. After a certain point of time, bride and bridegroom go round the holy fire. However, marriage ceremony depends and varies from religion to religion. Once the ceremony ends, both become legal husband and wife.

In the evening, a grand reception is held in a big hall or an open ground. However, this largely depends on the financial status of the families. Several people are invited to bless the couple and offer them their love in the form of gifts. Once again, different types of cuisine are served. People enjoy delicious food and drink. With the end of the reception, the day that was filled with excitement and joy comes to an end.


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