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Essay, Paragraph or Speech on “A Scene at A Polling Booth” Complete English Essay, Speech for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

A Scene at A Polling Booth

Essay No. 01

Elections are frequently held and the hustle and bustle I generated by them is a commonplace phenomenon. The bigger the election the bigger the din and noise and vice versa.

A polling booth presents a very busy scene. There is a great excitement all around. Contestants pitch their tents about 100 meters away from the polling booth. These tents give the flavour of some small social function. Canvassing on the day of the polling is prohibited yet it continues at low ebb. After mouths cannot be sealed. Gestures cannot be frozen.

A presiding officer heads the polling party. He looks after the overall arrangements. He tries his best to hold pain smoothly and fairly. He remains on his toes, alert and vigilant. A constable and a man from the home guard battalion are ready to assist him to maintain law and order. Then there are two to three polling officers to assist the presiding officer to conduct the polls. Agents of the contestants also sit in the polling booth to keep a watch on impersonation. Supporters of candidates with voter lists in their hand frequently visit the scene to know how many votes have been cast and who have not turned up to cast votes.

The polling begins at 8 a.m. and ends at 5 p.m. Long queues can be seen in front of the polling booth. Voters usually hold small chits in their hands with their particulars on them. It makes the task of the polling party easier.

In the morning voting is not that brisk. It picks up in the afternoon. Centenarians and handicapped persons do come to cast their votes. They come with the companions to support them. No lunch break and yet the polling staff takes lunch or snacks performing their duty.

Fake voters try to cast their votes. Impersonation does happen. Many persons in place of the dead voters also hoodwink the polling staff and cast the votes. Fake voters when caught beg for pardon. The policeman is ready to pounce on them and hand them over to the police party standing outside the polling booth. At the end, the presiding officer gets the ballot boxes sealed and carries them to a central place under police escort. Usually, polling ends on a happy note and everybody -heaves a sigh of relief.

Essay No. 02

A Scene at The Polling Booth

In India general elections are held every five years. The last general elections were held a few years ago. It was the time for suspense and exceptions for the candidates as well as the general public. MP’s and MLA’s are elected by majority votes. Everybody looks forward for the results. People F guess which party or parties will form the government in the capital and different states.

Important personalities deliver speeches in favour of the party’s candidate. Election manifestoes are read out. Pledge are made to the electorate to remove poverty, their suffering and so on. Most of the promises are made to catch votes. Candidates forget them as soon as they are declared elected. Twenty-four hours before the polling day there is total peace. No one is allowed to campaign on the polling day. People and party workers keep away from polling stations. Sufficient policemen are put on duty at every booth. Police vans are seen moving on the roads to ward off any quarrels. Party workers are often seen bringing people to cast their votes in favour of its candidate. Cars, scooters and other vehicles are used for the purpose. They even try to cast bogus votes in order to win the elections. Sometimes unfair means are also used Large banners, posters, and flags are used in support their candidate.

People get the serial number from party workers before entering the polling booth.

Inside the booth, there sit polling officers and his colleagues who are usually government employees. There one member of each candidate can be seen seated to verify the genuine votes and mark the voter who has come to cast the vote. He is given ballot papers and is told to go behind the curtain to stamp in front of the space of the candidate of his choice. The voter stamps ballot papers, folds, and comes out from behind the curtain and pouts the folded ballot paper into a box meant for it. Sometimes long queues of persons are seen inside the booth waiting for their turn to vote. This process goes on till the time set for casting the vote comes to an end.

After the fixed time the ballot boxes are sealed properly. The polling station wears a deserted look. The ballot boxes after being sealed are taken to the fixed place where they are kept. On the fixed day they are taken to the center of counting.


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