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Essay, Paragraph, Article on “Motivation – Food for Soul” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Motivation – Food for Soul

The power of motivation though was not that much recognised but there is no denying the fact that it is very crucial for each and every one. The modern citizens are realising the value of this abstract quality with the changing world. It boosts up the receiver as well as the giver. It is reciprocal in its nature as the giver feels satisfied and the receiver get benefited by the words that inspires him or her to move forward incessantly.

The human beings require food for soul along with the food for their body. The motivation works as a fuel to keep in progress the engine of human body. The inspiration can be acquired through words, actions and sometimes the sarcastic remarks can work wonders as individuals can get inspiration to prove themselves when their abilities are targeted.They work diligently to excel in the field in which their calibre is challenged. Moreover, the actions and deeds of other people inspire humans to mimic them to be like them.

It offers tremendous benefits as first of all it lightens the passive mood and converts into lively one. Along with giving happiness to that person motivation creates the atmosphere in which the other connected people feel delighted. Apart from this, the positive attitude is the second most important gift that is offered to the mortals. This attitude excludes the pessimism and promotes healthy wellbeing of psychological setup. The cheerful mood is the core content of happy life and kills many problems.

To promote the spread of motivational attitude we should adopt the policy of helping other people to come out of their depressed state of mind. The positive outlook inspires to look forward in order to achieve the desired goals. People feel alive with the optimistic thinking.



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