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Essay on “Key Role of Internet in Empowering Women” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Key Role of Internet in Empowering Women

Internet is working as an influential tool to elevate the social, economic and intellectual level of women. Gone are the days when they were merely confined to the narrow boundaries. The modern world is witnessing various new faces that are excelling in competitive streams. Apart from other assisting bodies, the role of internet cannot be neglected. There is no denying the fact that active feminists are working around the clock to emancipate females and the internet has proven a boon for them.

The load of manual and physical work has been reduced to a greater extent by minimizing the efforts on campaigning that they used to put on visiting far off places to spread awareness. Almost every individual has an easy access to internet that accelerates the pace of uniting more and more people to get benefits from the thoughts that are shared there. The second most important feature that is worth mentioning is the women are becoming conscious about their identities and individualities. They are creating their own self by putting forth their ideas, views, emotions and raising their voices to grow in desired fields. The social sited such as Facebook, twitter and many more are giving an air to the idea of identity recognition.

Improvement in the matter of education is another major feature that internet is gifting to the females. There are various educational sites from which they can illuminate their minds and can avail knowledge from that. The girls who are restricted to go outside can find a way to communicate their ideas with the outer world with the help of internet. The talent can also be endorsed by sharing the melodious voice, showing the rhythmical moves, uploading written scripts and so on. Many women have made their career with the help of internet without any laborious efforts and exorbitant expenses. Internet is working as an all-time assistant for women who want to keep feathers to their caps.

All that is needed the judicious use and excess to the modern ways of technology that can lead to the right direction. The internet can work wonders with the inculcation of the never conquering willpower, the diligent work, proper guidance, positive attitude, recognition’s of the versatilities into the personality of a woman.



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