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Essay on “World Cup Cricket 2007” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

World Cup Cricket 2007

In this age of competitive cricket, the One Day Internationals (ODIs) are the game of pride. From children to septuagenarians all take full interest in cricket. The unstained support for the game from all corners of the society has catapulted the players into stars. Cricket has now turned into commercial game where lots of money is pumped in for the sake of the game and not for its spirit. The money making mind of the players take them away from the field and lure them to the world of advertisement. They concentrate their mind more on trade advertisements than practice. This situation was prevailed on Team India during preparation for World Cup 2007. Preparation period was a period of experimentation but the players were busy churning out money from endorsing products and brands. Many experiments were done by the former Australian Captain and the then Indian. Coach Mr. Greg Chappel. But there was a clash between traditional view and modern view. Coach Greg advocated for young players whereas selection team management was under tremendous pressure from established players. The team spirit was totally lacking among the Players. There was an environment of uncertainty. The ongoing

altercation between Ganguly and Chappel damaged the morale of  the team to a big extent.

Our team was very strong on paper as players like Sachin,  Ganguly, Dravid, Yuvraj, Sehwag and Dhoni were the powerful  heater. They failed the expectations of millions of cricket lovers in India. Also bowlers like Harbhajan, Zaheer, Agarkar couldn’t perform well. Only the match against Bermuda was played well.

The major setback of Team India was losing to Bangladesh.  The very first match was taken lightly by Indian Team. Only two  players were able to manage4heir respectable individual scores. The  renowned players like Tendulkar (26), Dravid (14) and Dhoni (0)  played a vital role in losing the match. As far as bowling is concerned  the regular bowlers did not perform impressively. Both Munaf Patel  and Sehwag claimed two wickets each. The veteran bowler Zaheer  Khan had taken one wicket only. Moreover, fielding was also not  up to the mark. The heroic performance made by Bangladesh enable  them to enter into Super-Eight Players like Sehwag and flamboyant  wicket keeper batsman M.S. Dhoni were the show pieces. In this  position, how can anyone say that Team India was a deserving  team for winning World Cup. Sri Lanka beat India in that world  cup and without hesitation Team India was out of the screen. 

The policy of management supported by captain was responsible  for this kind of presentation. Sehwag was out of form for a long time but he was tried as far as possible, neglecting good batsmen.  Similarly Anil (leg spinner) was performing better than Harbhajan but he was dropped.

It was a very depressing situation. But there is still no indication  of bright sign in the cricket of India. Slowly and steadily we are  going towards the downfall of this popular game. Political shadow   is prevailing over Team India. Young and talented players still have  to – wait in the queue. BCCI is busy in planning and talking only,  but implementation in true sense is far. away. Except one or two  players, rest are same. If Team India wants to be a firmly determined  team like Australian Cricket team then re-construction of Board,  Selection of team manager and coach must be made carefully  keeping in mind the spirit and loyalty of players towards the game.


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