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Essay on “Visit To Birds Hospital” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Visit To Birds Hospital

Delhi is the capital of India. Its market, Chandni Chowk, is also famour for business. It is also  famous for  beauty. But while passing of Chandni  Chowk, near Jain Red Temple we have a unique place to see it because it has   a unique mission. The Charity Birds Hospital is the only of its kind in the country.

Many people arrive here daily with injured birds which they may have found lying by the roadside. After a quick inspection, an attendant makes a simple  entry in the register: name of the person, kind of bird and date and ‘ admits the patient’ for treatment free of cost. The bird then becomes the sole responsibility of the hospital.

The ailing bird is administered first – aid and then kept in an isolated cage. Often medication and proper care is all that is needed. After the wound heals, the bird is moved to a common section with other birds of its kind. Soon it will be healthy enough   to fly away, but may keep visiting the terrace for food and water.

The work began way back in 1929 in a small one-room structure. One Lala Lachumal Jain, along with others, decided to start a medical  facility for birds. Later it became increasingly difficult to treat the large number of birds being brought. In 1957 the present building was inaugurated.

The progress of the hospital has been slow but steady. Till 1968 only ayurvedic treatment was being administered. Allopathy was adopted that year. And it was as recently as in 1992 that a laboratory was set up to conduct pathological tests. Though surgery is conducted at time and doctors try their best to save the birds’ life, it is often too late. The mortality rate is quite high: around five to six birds die every day.

The reason of this high mortality rate is not the carelessness of the staff of hospital. The staff does his best efforts with full sympathy. This is a new line of medical treatment. There is a great need of research. For research we need donation. There is a  need of extension of different services. But the hospital survives   only on charity. The trustees proudly claim that there is a steady flow of donations. Rich businessmen, visitors and even tourists donate generously. Till date they have never approached the government for funds.

However, the hospital has drawbacks. It does not accept carnivorous birds and does not admit pet birds. Moreover, the bird is subjected to a lot of stress as , being in Old Delhi, the place is not easily accessible. Since it survives on charity, it is unable to take up research work.

But work does on. The staff says, they have received as many as 50-60 cases a day. The hospital has an emergency ward and stays open round the clock. It spends approximately Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 7 lakh annually and at any given time looks after 4000 to 5000 birds.

This hospital is a unique example of service and sacrifice. Delhi is proud of this hospital. But it should not be limited to Delhi only. Different branches in big cities should be opened. It means to serve God with missionary spirit. Rich persons should come forward and adopt a branch to establish it in any big city. It’s almighty God’s service.     


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