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Essay on “Value of Newspapers” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Value of Newspapers


Power of the Press


Newspapers – Their Role in Life Today


Newspapers as Guardians of Social Welfare

Essay No. 01

                “Thou god, our idolatory the press

                Boy thee, religion, liberty and laws

                Exert their influence ; and advance their cause.” – William Cowper


Newspaper is the greatest and the most useful gift received by the man with the invention of printing.  A newspaper keeps a man usefully busy.  It keeps him in touch with all that is happening in the world.  It is much more than that.  It is a powerful mass media and a mighty force. It is the custodian of truth and a sentinel of human rights and liberty.  It can be used for good as well as for evil.  It is a vehicle of thought.  It propagates ideas and philosophies, comments upon them, criticize governments and peoples and their activities.  It is a powerful organ for public opinion.  That is why the freedom to the masses.  In the words of H.Greeley:

Then hail the Press! Chosen guardian of freedom!

Strong sword-arm of justice! Bright sun-beam of truth!

Newspapers have become a part and parcel of our daily life.  A newspaper gives us all kinds of news about our own country and about foreign countries.  A reader of newspapers remains in touch with public affairs.  The newspaper educates him in many branches of knowledge and provides him with a lot of information.  Knowledge is developed by reading a newspaper.  One can know about all the new discoveries and inventions.  It also tells what their rights are how they can protect them.

Even while sitting in one’s home, one can know what is happening in the world.  The newspaper keeps the people in touch with all the different corners of the world.  Businessmen advertise their goods in the newspapers to increase the sale of their goods.  As the newspapers contain market reports it helps the merchants in keeping uniform rates of goods in various cities.  Newspapers give a lot of information about religious topics, sports, arts and music and record the plus beats of the nation.  A regular reader of newspapers can acquire a lot of knowledge about public affairs.  The newspaper brings to us the views of great thinkers and philosophers. It moulds and reflects public opinion.

Newspapers not only guide and instruct the public, but they also help in educating the masses on all important problems.  They broaden their outlook. They act as great social reformers and public eductors.  They are the spokesmen of the human conscience and the mouthpieces of the human mind.  They carry on a campaign against superstitions, false beliefs and fanaticism.  They throw light on the evils of the dowry system, child marriage and untouchability.  They provide great help to a country in getting rid of its social evils and moral weaknesses.  Newspapers can mislead and misguide public opinion on important matters. They are a very powerful weapon for moulding and directing public opinion.  Four critical newspapers, said Napoleon, are more to be feared than a thousand words.  Hitler’s powerful role of the Press, said “I want to play on the press as on a piano.  That is why political parties run their own newspapers.’

With the improvement and advancement in the printing press, newspapers can be read in regional languages also.  We can get the news of the world at very cheap rates.  Moreover, the newspapers express the view of the government on important matters of public interest.  They explain and elucidate the stand of the government on various programmes and policies.

They also express the reactions of the masses.  In short, the press is a medium of dialogue between the government and the people.

In brief, newspapers are highly useful to people in general. The day is not far when towns and villages will have their own daily papers.

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Essay No. 02

Importance of Newspapers


The Value of Newspapers


The News Papers in The Service of Mankind

The invention of the printing press gave birth to the most important vehicle of spreading knowledge-the Newspaper.

The services rendered by newspapers are many. They tell us about contemporary events both in our country and in foreign lands. They bring individuals in contact with the outside world. As a matter of fact, it is only through the medium of newspapers that we keep in touch with the important and interesting events of the world.

Newspapers also serve as a medium of communication between the Government and the people and vice-versa. The rulers and the ruled publish their respective points of view and aim at mutual understanding; Newspapers also act as an organ for airing public and personal grievances.

Information, analyses, and criticism also form an important part of the newspaper. They broaden the outlook of the masses and increase the understanding of various complex issues that are before the nation. People become more aware of their rights and duties. In other words, newspapers play the role of opinion leaders and opinion-makers. By becoming a platform of public discussion newspapers inspire people to take an active part in the process of nation-building,

Newspapers play an important role in the development of culture, arts, science, technology, and commerce. By reporting the latest movements, policies, and activities in these areas newspapers act as a form of interaction between the interested parties to conclude their business with satisfaction.

However, all the qualities of the newspapers do not merit praise. Newspapers also have certain drawbacks. They have time and again played into the hands of the hatred-mongers. They have acted as mouthpieces of the establishment. And contrary to the popular belief they have often acted in a highly partisan manner. Their irresponsible acts have spread communal hatred. They have defamed many upright and honest people. They have also spread false and alarming news. Some of them sensationalize trivial issues and suppress genuine public interest news. This often spreads disquiet in public minds.

Yet all said and done the advantages of a newspaper far outweigh the disadvantages. There is nothing wrong with the newspaper, which the strict implementation of a code of ethics cannot cure and improve.

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Essay No. 03

Advantages of Newspapers

The newspapers have their own importance. It is not simply a paper with new but it is much more that. It has immense advantages for the public. The newspapers bring us news from all corners of the world. We get news about economic, international, social, political, scientific, social, cultural and many other developments. In a way, the world has become smaller because of the newspapers. In the modern world, newspaper reflects public opinion. All kinds of events, that is, national, international, social, political, economic, scientific, literary and religious, are reported in the newspapers. In the advertisement columns, many things are known. Newspapers are helpful in educating people. Newspapers are also very good means of publicity and propaganda. Many a time, newspapers help in creating the spirit of goodwill and mutual understanding. They mobilise public opinion on important national issues. The educational values of newspapers cannot be denied. The newspapers are a very important limb of modern human society. Today’s life is impossible without it. It brings the world into our houses.

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