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Essay on “The Video – CD Craze” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The VideoCD Craze


The Video – CD Menace


                “What is this life is full of care.

                We have no time to stand and stare.”

                 —-W.HB. Davies


                                Amongst the various means of entertainment provided by science to the twenty first  century man, video cassette recorders and video-cassette players are the latest. A video-cassette is a magnetic tape that can carry the recording of any television programme, a full length or a documentary picture or any other programme or function in full sound, light and colour.  Thus a video programme, enables you to enjoy any picture or programme from any corner of the world at any time of the day anywhere at your convenience.  It is really a miraculous achievement of science and technology.  Video has now been replaced by Video-CD  which a small circular disc has replaced a rectangular, cubical cassette.

                                Like the television, the video-CD is a very useful, entertaining and educating machine.  It has all the advantages of a cinema threatre as well as a television.  In a way, it is an Aladin’s Lamp at the beck and call of humanity.  It instructs as well as delights.  It caters to all ages and all interests.  It brings the affairs and happenings, in the world right at one’s doorstep and the viewer finds himself transported to distant and different lands full of beauty, charm, variety, information, colour and glamour.

                                There is no denying the fact that the video-CD players can play a very useful role in moulding public opinion, education the people and changing attitudes of the masses. On the other hand it has its own dark side also.  It is found that young students, boys and girls, tend to develop a mad craze, a sort of addiction to video and keep riveted to their sets.  Men of business start postponing their business calls.  These video addicts are as bad as opium addicts.  Day in and day out, one can find them either glued to their sets or moving about to the various video-libraries, videonests or videofilm stockists in search of new films.  People openly flout copyright regulations and do not hesitate from illegal screening of films on their television sets.

                                The craze for video-CD sets has hit the cinema industry very hard.  People like to see the films almost free of cost while sitting in their cosy drawing rooms rather than going to distant theatres, waiting in the queues, spending a fat amount of money and sitting through the suffocating atmosphere of the ill-equipped cinemas halls.  In several cities, the cinema houses are threatened with a closure because of the increasing availability of video sets.

                                Video-CD is striking hard at the morals of the younger generation. Adult movies full of sex, crime and violence, films of horror, nigh life and obscenity are readily available in the market.  Unscrupulous and anti-social businessmen do not hesitate from exploiting the younger generation into hiring such films in black market and making rich profits.  They young impressionable minds are easily led astray and they fall a victim to all the evils prevailing in promiscuous societies.

                                The video-CD menace is fast gripping the country.  If the video-CD is not given a proper direction, it is likely to do its worst.  The government must devise some steps so that the video machines are put to right and desirable use only.  People must be properly educated and told to keep stock of only those films that are really educative and reformative in nature.  Copyright rules and regulations must be strictly enforced.  People themselves must also realize their responsibility towards the society.  They should also prevent the young minds from being corrupted at any cost.  It is only through the co-operative efforts of the video-CD  There is nothing bad in the video if it is properly used.  A video-CD can be compared to a knife.  In  the hands of a competent surgeon, it fights disease and death but in the hands of a criminal or an irresponsible man, it causes death and injury.  It, therefore, depends upon the users to see that they make a right use of the video-CD machine.



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