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Essay on “Value of Broadcasting” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



Value of Broadcasting


Radio—An Entertainer and an Educator


  Modern science has many glorious achievements to its credit. Broadcasting is one of them.  It is a child of the twentieth century.  In India the first broadcasting station was established in 1924.  Now there are more than thirty broadcasting stations in the Indian Union.

                Broadcasting is a boon to the world.  It has brought together different countries of the world.  It has made the world a small place.  Indeed, it is a unifying factor.

                Broadcasting has a great educative value.  It spreads mass education.  It shapes public opinion.  It is a boon to the students.  It makes the knowledge of the students up-to-date. To young children, it teaches by giving them short stories, nursery songs, poems, etc.  There are special programmes for women also.

                Only recently, various Universities and School Boards have launched Programmes of Educational Broadcasts over the radio.  These radio lessons, prepared and delivered by experts in various subjects, are proving extremely useful.  Various advanced countries are using the radio very successfully as an instrument for imparting mass education.  Peasants and farmers can be educated about the latest techniques in farming and the scientific methods of agriculture.  Health education provided through the radio can lead to an improvement in the health of the entire nation.  Programmes like ‘Ghar Sansar’ ‘Nari Jagaran’, etc.  can go a long way in improving the efficiency of the housewives.  In fact, the entire fabric of the society can be recast and a social revolution can be brought about by a proper use of the radio.

                Broadcasting has made life safer in many ways.  It helps the public in maintaining law and order.  It keeps the public informed about the movement of the criminals.  This results in the criminals being caught red-handed.  They cannot run away.  It controls traffic on road, on water and the air.

                Broadcasting has done away with the boredom of life.  If a man feels bored, let him switch on the radio.  He can enjoy news and views, songs and speeches, stories, criticism and comments.

                Religious instructions can also be imparted through it.  The radio can present the lesson from the various holy books like The Bible, the Holy Granth, The Gita and the Quoran, in a popular form. 

                Broadcasting is very helpful in trade and commerce.  It advertises commercial goods.  It gives us reports of the different markets of the world.  It helps in maintaining uniformity in prices. It is the best friend and guide of the businessman.

                Broadcasting has its value in peace time.  It is of equal value in war time as it is one not the most important means of communication in the army.

                Such is broadcasting.  It unifies the world.  It is a speaking newspaper, a taking book which even the illiterate can read.  It has made life safer.  It commercial value is not small.  Indeed, it is a boon to mankind.

                Radio is soon becoming a thing of the past.  It is being replaced by television.  The television has all the advantages of a radio in addiction to the fact that the listeners can actually see the speakers or the actor on the screen.  In a country like India, the television may still take a long time to become a part every household.  Radio, therefore, continues to be a very popular source of entertainment and a prize possession in those Indian homes who are not in a position to afford a television set.


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