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Essay on “Uninvited Guests” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Uninvited Guests

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Essay No.01

Guests are pests, at least so I thought when I saw a large number of guests in our house. Some were known, but some were quite unknown to all of us. We had never seen them, never thought of them. Have you ever heard or experienced so many guests at your house, without any notice, letter, telegram, or telephones?

It was last Christmas when this happened. We were all invited for lunch at a friend’s house. My mother was unwell but she accompanied us for company’s sake. The man folk had finished their food and the ladies were about to begin when our servant came running to ask for the house keys. He also told us that a large number of guests had arrived. I was very happy because I had no friends to play with but unwell and was not informed by the guests. We had only one servant, so all the load would come to her.

When we reached the house, some guests were relaxing with their legs on the house, and some guests were relaxing with their legs on the table and heads on the embroidered cushions. Children were playing the music system. The number of people who had come was so many, that some of them, I was meeting for the first time. My mother asked me to prepare tea and some snacks for them. After having tea they left the cups near the table and chairs and the floor was strewn with pieces of snacks for them. After having tea they left the cups near the table and chairs and the floor was strewn with pieces of snacks left by the children. Instead of helping us in cleaning everything, they announced threat they were going to the market for shopping. Furious with anger, I and my mother cleaned the living room. We sent the servant to buy vegetables for dinner. My mother in spite of her illness began to cook the evening meal. I tried to help as much as possible.

The guest returned at dinner time and had a hearty meal. They announced that since it was very late at night, they would be leaving only the next morning. That meant that we had to make arrangements for their night stay. We did not have so many beddings and asked the servant to borrow from some of our neighbors. Now the beds were insufficient for so many people. So my father asked us to vacate the bedroom for the guests and move into the leaving room. We set the beddings on the floor for ourselves and the guests slept on the beds. Late at night, our server informed us that the water tank had become empty and so the next morning we had to take buckets and bring water from the hand pump nearby.

By the time our guests left we were totally exhausted and did not have any strength left. My mother had developed fever and the servant complained of body pain. The uninvited guests had caused so much inconvenience and problem to us. Whenever we go somewhere we should always inform the hosts of our program in advance so that adequate arrangements can be made and everyone can enjoy the stay.


Essay No. 02


An Unwelcome Guest


The Indians are proverbially very hospitable by nature. They welcome the guests, even strangers, in their houses and feed them liberally and provide them with all kinds of comforts. It is in the spirit of this grand hospitality that great travelers like Fahian and Hieun -Tsang who visited India in ancient times said about this great country.

This spirit of hospitality among the Indians continued for centuries and is, in fact, in the blood of the inhabitants of this great and grand country. But in the present times, many thieves, cheats, burglars, and robbers, or sheer parasites have downed the mantle of being an honorable guest and have discredited the most respectable status of a guest. The result is that many people have got wary of guests and discourage all unknown persons from entering their houses.

This is what I had to experience on the visit of a stranger last night. My father is away in the States. My mother and I were at home. We heard a knock at the door. I went to open the door. I peeped through the door and saw a potbellied strangely dressed middle-aged man. I went back and called my mother.

My mother took courage and opened the door. The man came in. My mother made him sit on a stool in the verandah.

Then the man looked at me and said, ‘Child, won’t you bring a chair for your uncle?’ I went in and brought a chair.

The man took his seat in the chair. Then the man offered us some sweets. My mother signed me not to eat the sweets. We tried to return the sweets to him but he was reluctant to take them back. He wanted us to eat the sweets before his eyes.

We suspected something foul. My mother and I raised an alarm. Our neighbors rushed in as they heard our cries. The man slipped away. Later, we got the sweets tested in a lab. We learned that they contained some ingredients which could make us unconscious. Certainly, he was a cheat and probably a member of some gang of robbers. Thank God, we were saved from being burgled or robbed and perhaps even murdered.


Essay No.03


Unwanted Guests

In India, guests have always been considered gods. To take care of them has always been our most sacred ritual. Our history is full of many stories about people who gave away all their possessions in order to fulfill the requests of their guests.

Times have changed in this era. Guests are welcomed but only for a short period. People do not like it if the guests overstay their welcome. Many times people do not welcome a guest at all, they do not even behave civilly with them.

The change in the attitude towards the guests is not without reason. The guests of today do not follow the code of conduct suitable for a guest. They often arrive unannounced, or at awkward times. They do no respect the privacy and the rituals of the house. They talk loudly and are often boastful. There have been instances when they borrow objects and money. They do not return the borrowed things on time. People nowadays have developed a habit of visiting other person’s houses for the sole purpose of spying on what is happening in the house. They try to gain information so that they can gossip with other people.

There are very few guests in these times who behave properly and with decorum. Unfortunately, the image of the guests has fallen to such low standards that even if a perfect guest visits a home we tend to look at him with suspicion.

Another factor that has made guests and hospitality a rarely practiced custom is the lack of time. In today’s times, both husband and wife go to work. There is thus very little time left to entertain. A housewife can no longer prepare elaborate meals and practice welcome customs, firstly because she is short of time and secondly she is totally untutored in the ways of hospitality

It would therefore be wise to limit the social interactions to extremely formal occasions and remain within the prescribed code of conduct and propriety.


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