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Essay on “Cinema as a Means of Education” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Cinema as a Means of Education

There are many ways of educating oneself as well as others. One is through sight education through sight means that whatever is to be taught should be put before our eyes. It is also called visual education. This form of education is very effective and one learns very quickly through it.

Film is a form of visual education. We get all sorts of information and enlightenment. Film is a practical teacher. Education through films is very interesting. It is easily understandable too. We learn through it, in a couple of hours, what otherwise would have taken a very long time to learn. Mountains, rivers, jungles, battlefields, damns, mills and hundreds of other things are shown in films. We see big and new cities of the world. We learn customs and manners of different peoples. We come to know their way of living. All this broadens our outlook and are minds get enriched.

Films depict social evils and arouse public sentiments against them. Evils of dowry system, unsociability, caste system communalism, terrorism etc. are brought before our eyes. Seeing them we become conscious of our duty to end eyes. Seeing them we become conscious of our duty to end these evil practices and see their bad effect on our society.

Utility of films as a means of educations is very great in the developing counties. The majority of the people here is illiterate and cannot benefits themselves by reading. Hence they can acquire a lot of knowledge and information through films.

In our country, unfortunately the box office and commercial value of a film is given greater weight age than its educating value.

The lure of lure induces both producers and exhibitors to bid good-bye to art, to sacrifice moral and social value and forget the canoes of decency and decorum. A tendency to blindly imitate the glamorous Hollywood films and show the audience all the exotic things of foreign lands cannot but be prejudicial to the larger interests of our society and nation.

To meet the requirements of different sections of society people of different age and stages in life, there should be a clarification of picture for children, for the middle aged, for the old, for agriculturist and fore factory workers etc. To the pictures certified for adult viewing only, children and students of tender age should strictly not be admitted.

In free India, the cinema has an important role to play by spreading knowledge and instruction and by providing innocent entertainment for the weary and the frustrated. The Indian film industry, which was one backward among other things, in artistic and technical excellence has made remarkable program in recent times. Our films are matching technical quality of Hollywood films, exploring new means and getting high international recognition for their content and presentation. Let us make full use of this medium of entertainment to educate ourselves and our countrymen.


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