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Essay on “Thing I like Most” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Thing I like Most

If you were asked to choose one thing from among Health, Wealth and Wisdom, What would you like to choose?

Health, wealth or wisdom? It is difficult to choose one of them because one generally likes to possess all these three things. All of them are needed for a perfect life. However, I have to make my choice and so choose the last i.e. wisdom.

Why do I choose wisdom? How can I ignore wealth? Everybody wants to be rich. If a man ahs wealth, he can buy anything and get the comforts and pleasures of life. And, how can I ignore health, a man would always be ill and miserable and would not be able to enjoy anything. Thus my preference for wisdom may appear to be hasty and wrong. But, in fact, it is not so. I have not been thoughtless in selecting wisdom. I have several weighty reasons for doing so.

In the first place if a man has wisdom, he will enjoy good health, because he will avoid intemperance and will practice moderation in all things. As a wise man cannot overeat, he will not suffer from indigestion. He will take exercise and so all t6hat is needed to keep himself healthy. Socrates was a wise man and history tells us that he never fell ill, though plague broke out in Athens again and again during his life time. In fact, we cannot think of a wise man indulging in excess of anything or ignoring his health. Health is the result of wisely regulated life.

Secondly, I prefer wisdom to wealth, because wealth often makes a man miserable. The more wealth we have the greedier we become, and desire to have more and more of it. Again, wealth ruins health and a wealthy person seldom enjoys the good things of life that he can purchase with his money, as he seldom undertakes physical work, he feels no appetite. The result is the cannot enjoy the food he eats nor can he enjoy sound sleep. Why should I choose wealth and thus invite all the miseries of ill health and worries of profit and loss?

On the other hand, a wise man can always secure the means of livelihood. He will plan his life carefully and so well that he may neither have to suffer from shortage of money not be spoiled by having too much of it. He will spend his earnings judiciously and provide against a rainy day. Let me have wisdom alone, and health and wealth will come automatically.


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