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Essay on “They Never Die who Die in a Great Cause” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

They Never Die who Die in a Great Cause



Death comes to all but the cowards experience death many times before they actually die. Each time they are faced with a crisis they tremble in fear and are incapacitated. They become passive and cannot take any action to help themselves. They lose their self-respect in their own eyes which is equal to death. Why should one die more than once? 

Death is very well known as the only certainty in this uncertain world.  Everything else in this world is unreal as everything is transitory including man’s life.  Death gets all the king and the pauper the rich and the poor the old and the young the ruler and the ruled the pious and the sinner. And after death what?  Nobody knows. With death ends all at least the worldly existence. Once dies leaving behind everything one has-property children parents relatives and friends. At the time of death all of them may be standing around one but none of them is able to help. They are just silent spectators to the sad event. And this is what makes death poignant impregnable and fearsome. One begins to tremble with fear when one is face to face with a dangerous situation which may endanger life. Even the thought of death if one goes on thinking about it is depressing and may lead to a nervous breakdown. 

Apart from the certainty that it shall come one day death has another certainty about it. It comes only once in a person’s lifetime. One dies only once and then all is over. But in certain senses it may not be exactly true. There are people who die many times during their lifetime before the final death overtakes them. They are cowards. They die several times. Each time they are in crisis they die of fear. And how do they virtually die? After death one is finished one cannot do anything. The cowards when faced with a dangerous situation become altogether paralysed. They cannot take any action. They begin to cringe and crawl in order to save themselves. They hardly remain human beings. Rather they die as human beings.

Human existence is full of risks and dangers. One is exposed to some sort or danger every minute. Even while one is crossing a read one is exposed to death by a speeding vehicle. If one begins to be afraid of risks one would not be able to achieve anything in life. Even the performance of day-to-day jobs will become impossible if one fears the risks involved. But then the cowards shake with fear at every dangerous or adventurous turn their lives may take. Every moment they experience the pain of death. Like other human beings they are also faced with risky or dangerous situations. But their response to them is incapacitating fear and ignominious defeat at the hands of the force that has created the crisis. And sometimes they actually die because of their deathly fear which makes them confused and inactive. 

There is another category of people who are alive but are as good as dead. They keep thinking about the final death. The fear of death makes them unable to live the present. Instead of living each minute hour and day as it comes to them they spoil it with the depressing thought of death. They are always in the grip of gloom. They lack initiative. They cannot do a thing. They die every day every minute or they are dead. 

Conversely there are people who are not at all afraid of death. Having accepted the fact of death as inevitable they regard it as a waste of time and energy to brood over it. They go about their business unconcerned about what is sure to happen to everybody. They enjoy life because they accept whatever comes their way. They are able to make the best of the worst. They live every day and every minute. They are ones who drink life to the lees. They are brave the opposite of cowards.

Also it is the brave who are not afraid of death or danger that are able to ward off danger. One has to face a crisis if one wants to get out of it or overcome it. By closing one’s eyes and sitting tight like a pigeon does when it is attacked by a cat one renders oneself more vulnerable to the damage or harm. The incident of an attendant of Corbett Park being attacked by a leopard is illuminating. Having gone to the jungle with his colleague (with an elephant each) to collect fodder for the elephants he was dragged down from the tree by a ferocious leopard. 
The leopard sat on his chest and began to chew his head. The skin of the head peeled off and it bled profusely. Even as the beast was sitting on his chest he began to pound the beasts face with his fists. Then he put his arm into the beasts mouth and tried to prevent him from chewing him. The leopard go off his body and crouched at a little distance waiting to pounce on him again. In the meantime exhorted by his friend he began to slowly crawl towards his elephant though he was in acute pain. He managed to get near his elephant who then threw him on to its back and ran. He was hospitalized at the A.I.I.M.S. and he recovered. Now if in his place had there been a coward he would have been completely unnerved by fear. And the beast would have eaten him up. 

Cowards die in another sense too. When faced with a dangerous situation they behave in an undignified way. They either turn tail and run for their dear lives or submit to the most humiliating terms and conditions laid down for securing their pardon. They lose their respect in the eyes of others and also in their own eyes. They become hateful to themselves And a person who has fallen in his Own eyes is not alive. All the time he is inwardly coming and blaming himself. For him there is no cheer no enjoyment no happiness. He as such dies each time he sheds his self-respect while facing a crisis. And this happens many times. 

So the moral of the proverb is not to be a coward and therefore not to die many times before the final death. It  should be realised that death is common to all. Then why worry about it? It has to come one day and nothing can be done to prevent it. Then why brood over it. Isn’t it better to behave like a man? And isn’t it more advisable to live life as it comes to us? We don’t achieve anything by being afraid of a crisis. Then why act like a coward and lose ones self-respect?  Be brave and you will live in senses more than one. Be a coward and you die. And die not once but many times.


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