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Essay on “ Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

 Sweet Are the Uses of Adversity


Only the man who has experienced suffering can face the stresses and strains of life. There were in numerous indirect benefits of Second World War. The solidity of a man is known only under circumstances of adversity. Peace and prosperity make us unfit to face life boldly. The man with a strong will makes the events turn. The world has produced the best men when they were surrounded by misfortune. Adversity gives us a chance to try our friends. Without a fight no one can become a hero. Tragedy is always more popular than comedy.

 A man brought up in the lap of luxury is unable to face the storms and stresses of life. Rich men’s offspring never made heroes. Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru may be an exception but he too had to undergo training in the institute of adversity by having to spend 13 years in the British jail. The last World War which took a toll of millions of lives proved blessing in disguise. The war made heroes of men or insignificance. It gave a fillip to war industries. Many new factories were started and production increased to magnificent heights. There were more jobs than the job seekers and thus the unemployment problem was completely solved. Young men were given commissioned ranks they were able to secure quick promotions which was more than what they had dreamt. There was a great boom in business and was it earned phenomenal war profits. India was also born out of that war.

During the war food supplies to England from America were disrupted and as a result people had to live on a semi-starvation diet this proved a blessing too. Overeating had undermined the health of the British nation food scarcity and austerity have resulted in the English nation enjoying the best possible health in the century.

In affluent circumstances it is very easy for anyone to do his best. It is only under circumstances of adversity that the solidity of a person is known. A man of character of noble intentions of strong and sturdy physique and virtues of selfless service to others proves his worth even in times of adversity. Such a man makes the events turn with his strong will perseverance ambition and determination. If he has a will to do a thing nothing can stand in his way. He can overcome all obstacles to achieve his mission since he has a noble and worthy objective.

Peace and prosperity make us soft and unfit to fight the grim battle of life. We become lotus eaters. But eternal life lies in struggle. We must be heroes in the strife and no dumb-driven cattle. Men can achieve great heights by struggling against the buffets of fortune. Wordsworth talks of

                     “Soothing thoughts that spring

                        Out of human suffering.”

Suffering is the-best teacher. Out of evil comes good. The lessons learnt from bitter experiences are invaluable. Oscar Wilde turned over a new leaf in his life while in prison. Earlier this great author was proud and immoral. In the prison he learnt humility and nobility .The world has produced the best heroes during their trials of adversity. Robert Bruce Rana Pratap Rani Laxmibai of Jhansi Abraham Lincoln Mahatma Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru are examples of those who fought their best under circumstances of strong stress and opposition. Some of them had to go even without food for days together. They had also to go through worst trials and tribulations but they stood steadfast to their principles and stood like a rock behind their mission

In the days of prosperity and pleasure we sleep and enjoy and know not what we are. But in adversity the inner man wakes up and we come to know are real strength and weakness. History tells us that all great men are hardy and brave people who worked their way up through difficulties and obstacles. They achieved what they wanted by struggling hard day and night. Such persons never stooped low in their principles and always stuck to their guns under all circumstances. Harder the circumstances stiffer the opposition better they shone and brought out their virtues to the forefront.

Adversity also gives us a chance to try our friends and foes and know who is what. False friendships based on motives of temporary benefit are exposed whereas true friends even though they may be in the background previously come to the forefront and prove their worth. Adverse circumstances are therefore the best yardsticks to select friends. Adversity is a great human teacher. It inspires understanding of the problems of the poor and the underdog. It teaches us to feel for others and be grieved at a suffering. For unless a person has gone through adversity he cannot know the real feelings of the sufferer.

Refugees from Pakistan passed through blood and tears. Millionaires were turned into paupers yet this unprecedented misery made heroes of them. They had to start life afresh and some of them did roaring business. This ability to be masters of circumstances and architects of their fate has filled them with self-confidence. Although worst had happened with their strong hearts and iron nerves they moved mountains.

 Without a fight no man can become a hero. Darwin in his Theory of Evolution maintained that there was struggle for existence the weaker went to the wall the fittest survived.

Christ was crucified; Gandhi was assassinated; Abraham Lincoln was shot dead. The sacrifices of these martyrs have added to the goodness and happiness on earth. Out of their ashes violets and roses have grown. They are the immortal heroes of this earth.

                          “Our sweetest songs are those 

                         That tell of the saddest thoughts.”

Adversity raises a mortal to the skies and makes a star of him. Tragedy is always more popular than comedy. Human life is a mixture of joy and sorrow. It has its comedies and, tragedies. After bright days dark days come. For the strong man darkness vanishes quickly and happiness returns because he has the ability to live gloriously and bravely even in the dark days. He loses neither the character nor the virtues which make a man.


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