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Essay on “The Kargil Conflict” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Kargil Conflict


The Kargil conflict, which, in fact, was a full-fledged war between India. and Pakistan, took place in early 1999.

In the winter of 1998, Pakistani troops sneaked into the bunkers and other places vacated by Indian troops on the Kargil hills and in valleys due to subzero temperature. The Indians came to know of this fact only in April 1999 when the snow on mountains started melting. The Indian troops were welcomed by booming guns and bullet fires.

According to an expert, the reality is that the intelligence agencies had already warned the Indian government much in advance of Pakistan’s intentions and activities in this regard. But the government turned a deaf ear to this warning. The condition was distressing as an expert observer observed later. The Army in 1999 was facing the same situation as it did in 1962. It had antiquated equipment and a weapon system as the defence budget was cut down progressively since 1990. Some jawans in the Kargil sector were issued condemned snow and glacier clothing. Snow boots were not there at all. In spite of all this, the army acquitted itself with great credit and won laurels from the countrymen.

There was loss of life on a colossal scale on both sides. India even had to press its air force on its own side of the Line of Control (LOC). It was a difficult task as the slopes of the hills were on the Pakistani sides.

However, all credit goes to the brave Indian jawans and airmen, who despite all odds, won the war and brought laurels to the nation and made Pakistan realize once again that she was no match for India. The net result was that the misadventure created a global antipathy against Pakistan as it was the time Vajpayee was signing Lahore agreement for peace when Pakistan was preparing to start the misadventure.



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