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Essay on “The Indian Snake – Charmer” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Indian Snake – Charmer

The snake – charmer is a typical man of India. He does not stay at one place for a long time. He is a wanderer.

The profession of the snake – charmer is to catch and tame snakes. He takes out their fangs. He keeps them in a basket. He shows then at different place. Thus, he earns his living. He also sells medicines for snake- bite. He keeps some herbs.

The snake- charmer is a very interesting man. He can be recognized very easily. He puts on a peculiar dress. He wears a long kurta and dirty dhoit. He wears a loose turban on his head. He wears rings in his ears and brass or silver bangles on his wrists. He carries a gourd- flute in his hand. Across his shoulder there is a bamboo stick. From the two ends of this stick hand two baskets. The baskets are covered with cloth. In them he carries snakes.  

The snake – charmer shows his snakes one by one. They are of different colours and sizes. He sometimes lets them creep on the ground. This make the children run away. Sometimes he puts a snake round his neck, then he goes from man to man begging for some amount of money. He talks to the snake and they seem to understand his hints.

Every snake- charmer says that he knows the mantras to bring a snake under his control. It does not seem to be true. Of course, he keeps some herbs with him which the snake fears and which makes it gentle. He also knows the art of catching snakes he takes out the poisonous teeth and poison bag, he can do no harm to anyone. I saw a snake – charmer who caught snakes and ate them. It was an ugly and hateful scene.  

The snake – charmer also shows some tricks. He opens the basket. Then he touches one of the snakes. This makes the snake angry. It raises its hood. It begins to hiss. It glides towards him. This does not make the snake- charmer afraid. He picks it up and puts it round his neck. He then holds the head of the snake and opens its mouth. There are no fangs. They have already been taken out by him.

When the show is over, the snake – charmer goes to every man. He has a begging – bowl in his hand. People give him money, flour, bread and old clothes. He keep all these things in one of his baskets. Soon after that he goes away.

The life of a snake- charmer is full of adventure. His life is always in danger. When a snake – charmer fails to catch the snake at right time, the snake bites him and he dies. Thus the snake – charmer deserves our sympathy. He is a good source of recreation for children. His music is charming and attractive. Some snake- charmers. Have the knowledge of controlling snake- biting. Foreigners used to snap – charmer to disfigure the image of our country.


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