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Essay on “The Indian Judiciary” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Indian Judiciary


Like all other scenarios on the Indian horizon, the Indian judiciary is not a thing to be proud of. When the other two organs of the Government, the Legislature, and the Executive are rotten to the very core, how can the third organ the Judiciary be any better? The scene of the Indian judiciary is very bleak, unhappy, and unholy. Just like the other two organs the Indian Judiciary is also at the lowest ebb of functioning and efficiency. 

In these days of the free press, we often get the chance of reading in different publications of national importance and others about the rot seeping into the Lower Courts and Higher Courts, and now eyeing the Supreme Court. It is interesting to note how, the Supreme Court is often heard passing strictures against the Legislature and the Executive, but it is sad to note that the organ that is trying to infuse good health and new blood in other organisations, is, itself rotting.

When we read in the daily papers that three crore and odd law suits are pending in the courts and new ones keep adding on a daily basis. The idea that strikes the reader is that, for one, what were the courts doing all these years, for how can such a huge back-log develop if work is continued daily? How could the courts have accumulated such an impressive back-log? The second idea that ticks through the mind of the reader is that in how many lives, in how many centuries will this backlog be Completed? . Any layman even will be able to understand that, this is an, impossible task, and of course the courts don’ t mean to complete the backlog, as they very well know that, all people involved will have perished with time and there will be no need to finish the backlog. However, the one thing that occurs to the reader’s mind is that, we must at least appreciate the honesty of the Judiciary to have openly accepted the existence of such a huge back-log of cases, which are piled up and pending before the honourable judges. What a state of honesty that, without the blinking of an eyelid, the judiciary accepts that, the back-log can be dealt with only in the span of about three centuries and that also, if no new case comes up all through these three centuries what a tall claim?

With this candid though seemingly shameless acceptance of the existing situation of the judiciary, what can any layman add to the high standards of working of the Indian Judiciary the position is very clear. With this background of the situation it is very important for us to analyse how this situation has come to exist? To this also, the answer is not far to seek. All this has come to be because, like all other professions, the legal profession has also become a money spinning profession. It is indeed, very lucrative to postpone endlessly each and every law suit. The only person interested in the speedy disposal of any case is the individual and that also, only if the individual is honest. All the other parties involved in any case, i.e. the real culprit, and the lawyers of both sides are just not interested in the finishing of a case. This is because the finishing of a case means the end of the income accruing from the case, to the lawyers. Then why should the lawyers finish any case and so, the back-log keeps mounting with no problem to anyone except the honest man fighting the legal battle, and who is interested in this man’s welfare and why? Thus with four parties involved in every legal case, only one party, the honest man is interested in the finishing of the case and speedy decision, so how can it be in this country that is India where only majority counts, a single man getting a fair deal? In the bargain of delaying of cases all the parties involved stand to gain so why finalise any and mock at an earning?

For a layman, this much simple logic and analysis is enough to explain how and why cases are kept pending for not only years but few decades. To my mind the only solution to such a ghastly problem is plain and simple honesty that in turn is not an easy task to achieve, at least now when our dishonesty has reached the pinnacle of success, and accumulating wealth is the only slogan of the times. Thus, when there is no apparent relief from this ghost of so called justice, the Indian public has to accept it and learn to live with it, for there does not appear an end to this road. We can all keep praying to God that in this country never should any decent and honest person get involved in any case and never should he need to see the door of any court for justice. The fact is that, at the court where man seeks justice, is just the place where justice is denied, delayed and rendered meaningless.


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