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Essay on “How Safe Are We Indians?” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

How Safe Are We Indians?

Today it appears that, the world is sitting on the nuclear holocaust set to trigger any time with a simple press of a button. This single sentence explains in a nutshell how safe we are today. 

This is a misnomer that we are safe here and not so safe over there, in the present day scenario to be true we are not safe anywhere at all yes, anywhere at all. For example, some time back, it was felt that it was not safe to work in the armed forces or the police. This was thought so because it was felt and rightly so that, there was in these services an impending danger of death at the war front. This belief does not hold good in these days for, there is no obvious occupation or profession which keeps an individual completely safe. Today, the situation is that, no matter where we work the fear of a revolt, a rebellion, a shootout is always hanging in the air. So much so that, at this juncture even the educational institutions, which were once, considered havens of safety and goodness witness sagas of hooliganism killings and murder. On top of it all, the crowning glory of to-day’s safety norms / standards is the continuous fear of terrorist attacks anytime and anywhere. At bus stops, at railway stations, at airports, in markets, in offices and even at home we are not safe the danger of some destruction of man or material is always looming large on the horizon. You go for entertainment to a cinema hall, go for a walk, go for shopping, you can be held up for no fault of yours who is safe and where is a question that defies all answers.

Besides the killer of hooliganism the virus of corruption adds to the unsafe and charged environment. We may be sitting in a cinema hall and enjoying the latest movie of ~ our favourite stars, and here come wild flames of fire and swallow us up all because the corrupt mechanism did not cater to the safety norms of the cinema hall. We may even be sitting cosily at home and munching some goodies when, with a loud thud comes the roof crashing, and within minutes life seems to have changed. We may be on the road comfortably seated on the back seat of a limousine when, a truck hits the limousine and within seconds all is over.

With this mixed scenario, through the entire ambit of man’s movements, it is very clear that, today man is not at all safe anywhere and at any time. The highhandedness of the people who matter the indiscipline and corruption rampant in each and every sphere of life, makes life absolutely unsafe and unpredictable, open to death and disaster at every moment and every turn.

How we live, what we do, what we eat, what we drink are now all items to be questioned and all that render life permanently on a razor’s edge. Besides the violence and indiscipline there is the avenue of making and selling spurious drugs, spurious medicines, adulterated foods, and drinks all collectively make life full of dangers of all sorts, and absolutely unsafe.

Thus, in this absolutely unsafe environment man has, as I see it, to leave all to his fate. Whether he lives a healthy life, whether he lives at all, and dies it is all in the present day ethos, character and conduct which in a single word is just shameful. Man has come down to such a low level of behaviour that, life is most uncertain and unsafe. At the present juncture I feel that only God can save humanity, for, man has tried and continues to try all ways to destroy mankind.


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