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Essay on “The House I live in” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The House I live in

I live in a beautiful house. It is situated in Shakti Nagar. It has two story’s and is open on two sides. The front door opens on the road and there is a service land on the back. It is built on a new style and is both sunny and airy.

The house is fitted with electric lights and water taps. It has four big rooms, three inter floorings, two kitchens, two bathrooms and two latrines. The dirty water of both the rooms and latrines is carried out by flush system. The whole house is so clean that you will not find a single fly anywhere in the house. That is why we all keep god health and look fresh.

The house has two vast compounds and a beautiful verandah inside it. In the rainy season we take our seats in the verandah and enjoy the pattering rain. All the rooms are ventilated and airy. Beautiful admirals and wardrobes and fixed here and there in the paintings decorate the walls but they are not too many. In fact, I am fond of simplicity.

The house has a little garden attached to it. I read the question paper twice. I had divided the time for solving the questions: a longer period for longer questions and shorter period for shorter questions. I began to solve the questions. I finished the whole of the paper half an hour before. The superintendent was announcing the time after every half an hour. The Tulsi Plant is useful to us in a hundred ways.

I have a separate room for my study. It is situated in the second story. There I study all alone and nobody disturbs me. My younger brother and sisters play in the compound down below and my elder brother, who is studying in a medical college, helps me in my difficulties. Of course, when I feel tired and bored, I come down and have a stroll in my little garden. In short, I love the house I live in.


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