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Essay on “The Teacher I like Most” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Teacher I Like Most

5 Best Essays on “The Teacher I Like Most”

Essay No. 01

A teacher is a nation-builder. He is held in high respect by all. But every stone is not a gem. There are teachers and all are not alike, Nor equally gifted. There are only a few shining gems among them, that may be called the nation-builders in the real sense of the word.

There are a number of teachers in my school who have taught me, but Mr. R.P. Mittal has impressed me most with his learning and ability. I like him the most. He has an impressive personality.

He is a healthy young man with a graceful bearing. He teaches us Eng. Mr. Mittal is M.A. in Eng. He is a trained and qualified teacher and has a remarkable mastery of his subject. He believes in the maxim of simple living and high thinking. He is simple in dress and habits. Though a little serious and stern in his appearance, he is tolerant and sympathetic at heart. He knows the minds of children. He never loses his temper, nor gets excited. His behavior with the students is father-like. He seldom uses a cane for the acts on the rule uses the rod and spoils the child.

Mr. Mittal believes in obedience and discipline on the part of the students. While at school or outside, he keeps at a respectable distance from the students and does not allow them to take an advantage of his leniency. He acts upon whatever he says or asks others to do. He is himself regular and punctual, and by his solitary example, he has improved the tone of his classes. During his of discipline, obedience, regularity, and punctuality. According to Mr. Mittal, these are the four pillars on which erect the building of their careers.

He knows how to teach effectively. He creates interest even in the dull and dry lessons on grammar. Not a single student is found inattentive in his class. It is because he has won the confidence of the students by the qualities of his head and heart. Students, and their parents too, cooperate with him and value his guidance concerning education or vocation.

Mr. Mittal has a sense of humor which other teachers mostly lack. He feels the pulse of the students cleverly while he is teaching. He enjoys a joke with them and sometimes he correlates a witty story with the lesson of the delay.

I shall always remember him with gratitude. I can say with full confidence that he has a hand in preparing us for the struggle of life.

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Essay No. 02

The Person I Admire the Most

Movies stars and singers, who make a lot of money and are famous, are teenagers’ admiration. However, they don’t even know the person or their personality. To me admiration is a kind of respect. My mother is the only person who had entered my life and made my look at things differently.

The first reason that I admire my mother is she teaches me about the Experience is what you learn as you go  through your life. As a child , we always learned that people are really nice and generous. That is not true. As you step into the real world, you will see the real face of the people and all different schemes , plan to fulfill them.

The mother takes care of her children first before she can take care of her. My mother always takes care of me first before she can take care of herself. For example , after a long day of work, even if she is really tired that she can just go home and relax. Instead, she makes dinner for the family and takes out a little time to look at my homework and listen to me complain about the school, the teacher. And then she gets my bag pack ready for the next day before she can even go to take a shower. Nobody had ever done this for me and there will be no one who would do the same thing like my mother.

In conclusion, I admire my mother because she teaches me about life experiences. My mother works so hard for our family and for my best. When I grow up I will take care of her as the way she did to me right now.

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Essay No. 03


My Favourite Teacher

A teacher is the one who is known as the base of our future or we can say teacher is the one who shows or teaches us the path of life. Mr. Lal is my favourite teacher. He is a brilliant tutor. He has the wonderful ability of being able to motivate students in a down-to-earth way. He is a very understanding teacher. He treats students like friends, understands them and solves their problems in the best possible and easiest way. He never shouts. He always remains calm. He is very helpful. A student can ask any question any time.

Queries never irritate him, and he answers them very politely. I owe him lot of gratitude for finding my writing and grammar skills, of which I always felt I never had the ability to do, and improve my communication skills.

When I was in class tenth, I was very weak in English. After giving my exams, I decided to improve my English. I met Mr. Lal. I was very nervous. He gave me the confidence to realize that I could make something out of myself He detected my strengths and weaknesses and suggested me ways to improve and work further on my writing, grammar and communication skill.

The greatest thing I learned from him is that I could do it; a voice to believe in myself.

He has no greed. He always gives his full time to the students. When I first arrived to commence on course, I was too young and lacked confidence and motivation. Fortunately, Mr. Lal was there and he did a wonderful job: he is intelligent, respectful, honest and very friendly indeed.

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Essay No. 04


The Teacher I Like Most

All the teachers in our school are good, able and well-qualified. All of us respect them and obey them. They also love us.

But my favourite teachers is Mr. Veer Singh He has great impression on my personality. He is our class in charge.

Mr. Singh is well built, tall and a strong man. He always dress-up smartly. He is always neat and clean. He has a pleasing personality. He is a well-mannered person.

He always smiles and never looses his temper. He is respected by all of us. He is polite and soft spoken. He is always regular and punctual.

He teaches us English and is the master of the subject. He makes every student understand his lesson well. One can never forget, whatever he teaches. He has made English grammar very easy for us.

He keeps strict discipline in the class. He never beats anyone, still boys always follow his orders. He never allows anybody to take liberty with him.

He is a good sportsman. He is a very good cricket player. He encourages students to take part in games.

He is respected by all teachers, students and other staff of the School. Principal considers him, his right hand and has full faith in him. He will always remain a source of inspiration for me.

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Essay No. 05

The Teacher I Like Most

I read in the ninth class. There are six teachers who teach my class. All of them are hard-working, experienced and efficient. They are respected by all of us. But the teacher I like most is Mr. Roy. He teaches us English.

He is a young man of thirty-five. He comes of a noble family. He is good-looking, healthy and strong. He is M.A. (English) B.Ed. He is really master of subject.

He is conversant with new methods and approach of teaching the English language. His manner of teaching is excellent. All of us follow him. He also reaches Board classes. His result is excellent. Many students of his class secure distinction marks and above. He never comes late. He checks homework of every student minutely. He encourages his students to read books on literature to enrich their vocabulary.

In his opinion reading of newspapers and magazines is a must for every student. This develops power of comprehension (understanding). He motivates students to take part in debates, essay competitions, quiz and dramas to develop their all-round character and personality.

He is my favourite teacher. He is liked and respected by everyone in our school. He is virtuous. He has all the qualities of an ideal teacher. He is kind and sympathetic too. He is a gem.

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