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Essay on “The Greatest Day in your Life” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

The Greatest Day in your Life


An Unforgettable Incident

                “Your heads must come To the cold tomb:

                Only the action of the just Smell sweet and blossom in their dust.”

                Life is a strange mixture of joys and sorrows, smiles and tears.  The concept of greatness and happiness varies from man to man.  Some people think that happiness lies in wealth, physical pleasures or personal glory.  Some others think that the day a person secures a position in a university or a competitive examination is the greatest day in his life.  For some others the birth of a baby boy is the greatest day in life.  This shows the most people consider the happiest day to be the greatest day in life.  Such people have not understood the real purpose of life.

                I am of the view that man was created by God to serve his fellow men, to make fellow men happier and better, to make this world a better place to live in.

                This may seem rather unusual.  But I have developed this attitude after a study of the biographies and autobiographies of India’s sages and leaders.  So the greatest day in my life is the day when I did something extraordinary for my fellow men.  The tenth of July last year was the greatest day in my life.

                I live in a village near Ludhiana.  That morning I was coming by bicycle to my college.  I had not gone far when I saw that a car had been hit by some other vehicle which had been driven away by its driver.  The man on the wheel and another occupant of the car at the back seat had been seriously wounded.  The right side of the car was completely smashed.  The two men were groaning with pain.  There was nobody to help them.  A bus coming from the opposite side sped away without caring to stop.  That pained me deeply.  In the meanwhile a car slowed down near that place when I waved to the driver.  Luckily, my class-fellow Ram was travelling by that car.  He at once came out.  I explained the position to him.  We shifted the injured people to my friend’s car and removed the wounded to the Christian Medical College Hospital in the city.

                Within a few minutes, the wounded were taken to the operation theatre.  The doctor sent for the police and attended to be wounded.  Within two hours he had dressed the wounds, given the best possible medical attention to the injured and brought them to their senses.  They revealed that a fast driven truck the number of which the man on the wheel remembered, had collided with their car, while trying to overtake it and driven away.  Soon the police officials reached the hospital.  The sub-inspector deputed one constable to go and take charge of the car. The police completed the formalities in about two hours. The doctor gave the necessary certificate.  When I discovered that we had saved two lives. I felt very satisfied.  He was full of appreciation and gratitude.  He noted my name and address.  I begged leave of them, thanked God and left that place.  For me this was the greatest day in my life.  Later on that officer called me to Chandigarh.  Since then he has been one of my best friends.


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