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Essay on “Teachers Day” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Teachers Day

Every year Teachers’ Day is celebrated all over India on 5th September. It is because Dr. S. Radhakrishnan was born on this day.

Dr. S. Radhakrishnan who later became a great government dignitary, was earlier an outstanding teacher. He taught in India and later in England. He was greatly loved  by his pupils for his scholarship and affable manners.

Teachers’ day is celebrated in our    school every year. On this day teachers are given a break for their routine job of teaching in their place, the students of XII class dress smartly as teachers and teach the junior classes for about an hour or so. All the students take them as real teachers for that period.   

A day earlier, the school hall is tastefully decorated with colorful ribbons and bunting. The main functions is held there. All the teachers are invited by the students through artistic invitation cards as our honored guests and the most important persons.

A cultural programmed especially prepared  for the teachers in held . In this programmed , skits, songs dances, mimicry and parodies are presented by the  students. The teachers are parodied in alight vein without giving any of them an occasion for  being displeased.

The student representatives in their speeches praise the teachers for the good work they do as nation –builders. We pray for their prosperity and long life. We even offer apologies for any lapse on our part.

Then the teachers are presented beautiful bouquets and gifts, which usually create laughter without malice.

Last of all the teachers are invited to a light refreshment program me and we get blessings form them which they give liberally in tune with their general nature of love and generosity.


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    It is a good essay for all student of class 10th or 12th it help the student learning knowledge

  2. harsh says:

    This year teachers day was celebrated in a very different way in our school the students of classes xi and xii had planned the day in such a manner that there was never a dull moment
    The day started with the morning assembly which was conducted by the teachers our maths teacher Ms Geeta read out the news in English Ms Roma came on the stage and read the”thought of the day”after that the head boy and the head girl felicitated the teachers by presenting them with small bouquets and cards.

  3. Ajay pawar says:

    Nice essay “teacher day”

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