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Essay on “Short trip to hill” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Short trip to hill

Suppose you are on a short trip to hills, describe some of your experience of the morning and evening walks and sight and sounds of the hill side you enjoyed

During last summer vacation, I was at Pahalgram which is lovely hill spot 7200 ft. above sea level. The grassy lawns, over hanging with pine and walnut trees were a sight to see. The snow capped mountains at a distance clouds with rain showers hanging low and a rainbow in the sky made a sight that I can never forget.

One fine morning my friends and I went for mountain climbing. As we reached the peak which appeared to be the highest we found that there was still another peak,. We reached the next peak only to find that there wax next to the next peak also. Pleasant breezes blowing on the tops of the hills, rustling of the leaves of the pine and deodar trees melodious songs of the birds and the rippling waves of the serpentine streams are the memories that come to my mind again and again. There was a waterfall of the water produced nap violent thundering sound. After its headlong fall the water rose ten or twelve feet high corner of the sky and the nightingale poured forth its melodies that could not be compared to anything for sweetness. At least feeling that we were getting too late, we came back.

In fact during nor short stay at Amalgam we had a full series of pleasant experiences. We had the opportunity of seeing the best flower beds. Such a vast and colorful variety of flowers, we had never seen in life. Trees laden with sweeten fruit like litchi, figs, and pears looked very lovely, Nightingales singing while sitting among the bushy branches of the trees rang the heart with great joy.

The scene of the early morning while the sun rose from the eastern horizon, cannot be described in words. The rays of the sun brightened the snowy peaks in such a way that the whole scene looked like Rembrandt’s picture done in light and shade. The caves and be lost in me edition. Alexander Pope the poet of Solitude, would have become overjoyed to see the poet of Solitude would have become overjoyed to see the solitude of those caves.

Elizabeth Browning would have requested her husband, the poet Revert Browning to live in a mountainous corner of Amalgam, If she had seen its solitude. In fact even the branches of the trees of hill side seemed to produce a musical sound when the wind blew through them. The sweet touch of the morning breeze produced a stir in the quiet corner of the heart.

The charming sights and the enchanting songs of the sweet birds of white color like the crane and the swan, which sometimes picked drops of water from the waves of the lakes made us feel overjoyed. The place was paradise on earth.


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