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Essay on “School Task” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

School Task

One day you were set by your teachers of different subjects home talk which kept you awake till midnight. Describe how you completed the task and how you felt the next morning.

I have in my heart a great respect for my teachers, but sometimes I feel angry with them I have full faith in their intelligence, but sometimes I wonder what has happened to them. ON a certain day, none of them will give any home task but ion another day all of them will set a heavy home task, I wish that there had been coordination among them, so that they could know from one another how much home task each had given and the student’s examination draws near, our respectable teachers are anxious to finish the courses as well as do revision work. It was during January last year that our Mathematics teacher finished full exercise of stocks and shares and gave ten sums to do at home. The English teacher gave us one essay, ten sums to do at home.

Although I knew that home task was heavy and I would require a lot of time to finish it, I could not resist the temptation of having a game of badminton which I play almost every day in the evening. After taking my meals, as soon as light was switched on, I sat down to work. I was able to do first three some quite easily, method, but being teased by too much of multiplication and division, Misapplied a formula and the answer was wrong  formula and  it was done after half an hour’s labour. It took me null two hours to finish all the sums.

Then came English, I do not find much difficulty in writing an essay: but analysis, oh! What a nasty business it is to ascertain doping three functions one after another. Unfortunately my father of a clause that it awes Case in Opposition to the noun belief; belief, and my brother said that since there was a comma after the other, rightly or wrongly, I finished with analysis also. It was about 10 p.m. and I started with the pairs. The dictionary and copied some sentences from a grammar book. Hindi did not puzzle me so much but there was so much of writing to be done. It look me quite a lot of time to read passages from the book to fit in references and quotations while writing the characters.

It was already quite late, I was feeling tired and asleep, but there was at least more than an hour’s work. Naturally. I that were available. Like a thirsty traveler who sees a spring in the Deseret, my joy k new no at the end of the months at the info the notch no bounds that I found that there were ready made answer to all the question that had been given to me for home task in Physics. I finished with them and look up the last subject Chemistry. There was calculation worked to done and the brain was already tired. I was able to do hardly half the part o the job and the rest half and to be left over for the morning.

I lay down where I was sitting without switching off the light. I had a dream in which I was scolded by me teacher former doing the home task, I got up late in morning, still I was feeling tired. I finished the remaining home task in a hurry, took my bath, dressed myself and after taking my breakfast, I was on my way to school feeling like a laborer who goes to work in a factory.


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