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Essay on “School Magazines” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

School Magazines


Importance of School Magazines

The school magazine is no more a new thing to us. Now a day’s many schools have magazines of their own. Formerly, very few schools had such magazines.

A school magazine is a periodical. School publishes it. The students maintain it with the help of their teachers. It contains essays, Poems and articles. They are written by students in Hindi or in English.

How is differs from Other Magazines?

The school magazine is different from magazines. Its circulation is limited to students only. It is now written for the public. Hence it has nothing for the interest of the general public. It generally contains sporting news. It tells about the previous results. It has the name of those who bought frame to the institution.

The school magazine has many advantages. First it teaches students how to write. Students are fond of reading by nature. Hence they avoid writing work. To contribute articles to the magazine they have to write something. For their magazine they have to read and write regularly.

Secondly , the school magazine encourages the students to carry on their studies with great energy. They take part in games to see their names in the school magazine. Each school magazine has statement about the progress of the students. It tells about the prizes, the medals they win. So those who are eager to see their names in the magazine, must work hard at their books. They must do their best on the playground.

Thirdly, the school magazine brings the students in close touch with one another. The writers read other books to increase their knowledge. Again they learn to think for themselves. Their thinking increases their reasoning power. A regular contribution to the magazine improves their art of writing. It gives them to command on the language.

Fourthly, the students lean the value of cooperation for the success of the magazine. A good spirit of competition comes among the students. The easy written by teachers, have many practical suggestions for the students. The students learn the art of writing from the writings of their worthy teachers.

How is it Managed?

A school magazine is conducted by the teachers and the students. In many schools a senior teacher is senior teacher is the editor and student of the top class is the assistant editor. In many schools, the students are editors, but they are advised in all matters by a senior teacher. The articles for the magazine are written by both the teachers and the students. The students send their articles to the editor. But each and every article is not published. The articles are selected by the editor and the assistant editor. They are corrected and then published in the magazine.

Essay No. 2

School Magazine

There are many school and colleges which publish their own magazines once a year. The money needed for this purpose is got by a small monthly subscription from each student.

The school magazine is a collection of articles, poems, stories and  plays in English and Hindi. They are written  by the students as well as teachers. There is a Magazine Committee made up of teachers and students. this Committee keeps the accounts and selected articles for the magazine. There is an editor who is generally a senior teacher of great ability.  He is helped by associate editors who are generally good and intelligent students. they all see that the articles published in the magazine are all useful for the students in improving their knowledge, taste and character.

To benefit each student, the school magazine is divided to reserve some pages for each standard – Primary, Middle, Secondary and Higher Secondary Sections. There are many photos showing the whole session activities of students and different activities of school progress.

There are many uses of the school magazine. The students are encouraged to think and write. Since the articles are published and everyone reads them, the students write them with great care and labour. They read a number of books to get sufficient matter for the articles. They take care of the selection of words and idioms. They make their language attractive and beautiful. Thus general knowledge of student increases. They get a habit of reading and writing. The writing makes their knowledge accurate.

By means of the magazines the head of the school (Principal) comes in touch with the boys. He himself writes on important matters and makes his appeal to the students to keep discipline. He has to prepare the school activity record of school and different future plans for magazine to come in contact with guardians.  

 The school magazine is interesting to the old boys of the school also. They read the articles and their memory of old days becomes fresh again. They can also write articles for the improvement and good of the school and the students.

Thus, the school magazine is a very good and useful thing. If the editor is able and hard working, he can help the students to write good articles. It is a great joy to the student to see his name published in the magazine. A magazine is a mirror of school progress. It gives a brief detail of School  progress.   It also mentions the future plan of school. The people can know the detail of school to cooperate. To read  a school magazine one can know the progress as well as needs of school. Thus we see a magazine is useful to every member of school family, even to public sector.


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