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Essay on “Qualities men like about Women” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Qualities men like about Women

Women are the most beautiful gift of nature of the men. Without women this would cease to exist. It is amazing how women are so wonderfully giving and loving. Their love is unconditional and forever. And once they forgive, when they really forget. They don’t dig out the heavy artillery, even they have the best opportunities to do so.

It is lovely how women manage to hear you out for hours. They never pass judgments. Never say you are wrong (even if you have behaved like the worst jerk in the world). And when you ask for their opinion they give it without managing to make you feel a worm. They criticize without wounding.

The most adorable thing about a women is her blush. It speaks volumes and conveys things which even she won’t openly admit too. It is a real turn on when a women blushes at you. It shows she more than cares, she is crazy about you. A smile. We dig women’s smile. Now when women smiles, she really smiles. No pretences, she smiles from her heart and speaks with her eyes. It is amazing how many ways women smiles. She has a tender smile, a loving smile, a “what will I do with you” kind-of smile. A saucy grin. A smile of gentle indulgence and finally the best of them the complete smile. The smile that says, “Whatever you are, however you are, I love you”

The way they get all in a frenzy, when they want to let you know of their achievements. Their eyes say, “I want you to be proud of me” but they will die rather than admit it, After all they only wanted to let you know.

We love a woman when she loses her temper. She gets all fluttered, says all sort of things she doesn’t mean, is generally very harsh and then bursts into tears. Now help me out here, who is one being yelled at?

We are often amazed at the silence of a woman. If men were dished even half the crap some women are dished out every day we would raise a hue and cry. But women bear it all and come out smiling. They even manage to love the jerk who does it all to them.

We love the general “do-good” attitude that is an undeniable Part of every woman. They are out to reform everyone. They will give you sermons on all your vices (by the number of ‘vices’ they list you will feel a worse insect than Satan will) and tell you have to reform to be a “better” person. And will be hurt if you don’t want to change.

One may think this as a sadist attitude due to this but personally few think the most beautiful and irresistible thing about a woman is her tear. It is guaranteed to break down the hardest of resistances, and melt the stoniest hearts. On the other side it also shows the: breaking of all the barriers a woman builds up. When a woman is crying she is opening up completely before you and trusts you enough for it.

And finally the most voted opinion, “We can’t tell you any single thing that we love about a woman, It is the perfect mix that makes men go weak-kneed. The sensuality combined with nurturing, the naughtiness combined with caring, the vivacity coupled with quiet understanding. It is a heady mix and man, it is very intoxicating.


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