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Essay on “Modern Women and The Society” Complete Essay for Class 9, Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Modern Women and The Society 

Modern women are facing many problem as a member of society in transition. The women while adapting to new work culture , new attitudes and new careers are increasingly coming under pressure. We take a look at few problems faced by modern women in this fast world.

Earlier many people did not have a good attitude towards modelling but in recent years with Indian beauty queens winning the Miss Universe and Miss World crowns, more and more middle class Indian girls are taking to modelling. Modelling, which earlier was not considered a good career option is now being considered a career option along with other careers. Whether this is a healthy or unhealthy trend remains to be seen. The film industry too has a seen an increase in number of actresses and starlets. Madhuri Dixit who until recently was the reigning Bollywood no. 1 actress came from a middle class Maharastrian family. Girls who had a film industry background, and who had an advantage, were also dissuaded from joining films, but are now taking to joining films. Both girls from the Kapoor family Karishma and Kareena have joined films.

Apart from strides in modelling and film industries women in India have also made advances in the fields of medicine, law, computers, aviation etc. A number of science and technology, schemes have been implemented by the government Self employment to rural women. Cottage industries to provide tries like ‘Khadi Gram Udyog Bhandar’ help rural and lower middle class women in using their skills in making pickles and papads ads and selling them for a profit. There are more women lawyers do orscrin India today as compared to 70 years back. There is also an in number of women pilots. ‘Kali’ for women press was startaesde in India with the help of the Gloria Steinem foundation to promote and encourage women writers in India. The government of India has made 18 years the legal age for marrying for girls in India thus encouraging them to educate themselves. Illiterate rural women are encouraged to learn to read and write and are also given education in family planning measures.

Advances in medical technology has made Indians find ingenuous ways in using it to their advantage. People aspiring for a male child are using ultrasound scanning to determine the sex of the unborn child. If the child is a female then the mother is forced to abort the female child. All this is now made illegal. Ultimately where will all this lead to? In future will there be a dramatic decline in female population in India? Considering there will be a simultaneous increase in male population. Will men in future find it difficult to find marital partners?

There is also the problem of bride burning. Many married women commit suicide by burning themselves because they cannot bear the tension and the strain that they and their parents are put through by their in-laws and sometimes by their husbands demanding dowry in the form of a flat, car or cash in return for marrying them. Sometimes the in-laws themselves. proceeded to burn the woman. During the 80s dowry and its inevitable Consequence like bride burning reached very high proportions but the trend has quietened down in the 90s. The government had made the acts of receiving and giving dowry criminal acts but still dowry as a social evil exits. The incidence of rape also remains nigh- One hears frequent newspaper accounts of rape of a lower caste woman by upper caste men in some rural area. In 1992, the

rape of Bhanwari Devi a social worker from Rajasthan hit national headlines.

There is also the problem of eve-teasing especially in big like cities Bombay, Delhi. Everyday thousands of women who go to work colleges and to other areas have to contend with this problem someone who has first-hand experience of the problem, we know this can be most degrading and humiliating experience. This problem is not restricted to some women but transcends women of all ages and class. Even older married women have been subjected to this kind of treatment. It is heart-warming to note that women are hitting back against such people with all they have. There is also a need for stricter laws in dealing with the problem.

To conclude one can say that women in India have made much progress in the past century but there still a need for a proper solution to the many problems. After all who can deny that one of our prime ministers Indira Gandhi was a women. At least we are ahead of America in that respect where to date there has been no women president.


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