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Essay on “Population” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.



India possesses 2.4 per cent of the total land area of the world but it has to support about 17.5 per cent of the total world population India added 181 million to its population since 2001, slightly lower than the population of Brazil. We can’t afford such increase in population.

            Half a century later, the birth rate has been halved, but the massive population is still the number one problem facing India. With the population still increasing by a figure equal to the entire population of Australia every year, it is accepted India’s attempts to stabilize it have already failed.

            In the absence of a concomitant desire to promote the social and economic development and welfare, the poor realize that it is children who provide them the only source of love and economic security in an increasingly hostile world. The increasing population, despite such single minded coercive programmes for control of their fertility shows how a programme designed by the haves to serve their own interests cannot inveigle the poor who devise their own methods for evading what they know goes against their overall welfare.

            The intimate connection between education of the female and family size can be achieved at an economic level which is within the reach of most countries of the world. Education of the female is desirable not only for population control  but even more so for its own sake as it initiates a cascade of other social and economic changes. The care of much of the health and medical functions including family size lies within her capacity and can be achieved more cost effectively in an ac accessible and humane manner. Health and medical care can serve only as a vehicle for reaching technology to those who desire to voluntarily limit the size of their family.

            More the number of children, greater the strain on the family budget. So every person, every family needs to participate in the Population Stabilization Movement. Every citizen must share the concern that all our precious gains earned become losses if there are more mouths to feed. It is an imperative duty of every citizen to interact with those in their villages or slum or surroundings, that everyone stand to reduce it to smaller families, norms are adopted, accepted, accepted, voluntarily, willingly, happily.


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