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Essay on “Pleasures of reading” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Pleasures of reading


    Reading is a very pleasant occupation in the moments of leisure. Happy and contented are those who are given to the habit of reading. The habit does never make you bored or alone. You are always in the company of great men, not only of the present but all those who have physically left this world, and left their previous experienced of life recorded in books. Ruskin called books “Kings Treasures.” Really so, these treasures are not filled with gold and silver and diamonds, but things much more valuable then these noble thoughts gained after long experience of life, the cream of the world’s top thinker’s thoughts, not casual one’s but well thought over and cherished memories of those who have been the Jewels of their time, the brightest stars of the sky of glorious past. To read a book of written statement of a person of repute is more than a serious encounter. Such people do not have any time to meet and discuss things with common people. The books are their choicest recorded facts of life and serious sermons for the humanity. To read them is more than to meet them. It is to share with them, the choicest and the best. So, what better source of knowledge can be had beyond that, obviously none?

    Reading is of different kinds. First there is light reading, the reading of news papers, periodicals and journals. They are store houses of day to day information about current events. We cannot afford to moss this type of reading in the modern age. They are both delightful and instructive. There are other sources of gaining this purpose too, like the television and the radio but they can’t anyway replace the authenticity of reading as they provide us with exhaustive details and comments of the experts in this direction. They reading of novels and short-stories is a pleasant pastime, usually a source of entertainment during a boring travel or to avoid the impact of some tense moments.

     Then there are the books on travel and adventure. Reading such books are a source of escape form dullness of everyday life. They infuse a spirit of adventure and fearlessness as displayed by the travelers themselves. These books take us for into the unknown worlds and reveal the secret of nature. By sharing the novel experiences of travel the readers experience a strange satisfaction of the mind and body by soaring far into the lands, otherwise unknown to the reader.

      The books of serious reading are a food for the spirit of man, in reality. They include the works of literature, history, philosophy and the like. They are called the books of all time. Some of them turn the spirit of the reader upside down and give him a new life along with renewed dimensions of thought. Such books are intended for sober and thoughtful minds. The authors of such books are no ordinary souls. They are the artists of the highest caliber. They pour out their soul through the choicest words which flow direct from their superior thought. The great masters of literature, poets, and essayists, novelists and play writes have been the prophets of their time. Their writings are the musings of a superior soul having divine touch of some divine moments of their life. To read them and to digest them is to experience a supreme bliss unknown to the material joys of the current busy world. such authors and poets have no occurred in a particular language or languages only. Such celestial pouring have trickled from the pens of people belonging to different lands, languages dialects and religions, etc. and continue giving solace to the readers throughout the length and breadth of the globe. Much of such jewels or word has been lost through the passage of time due to lack of attention or effort of having no access to the press for publication.

     Some books have proves to be great powerful instruments of social revolution. Such books include the books on religion, social economy and other controversial issues. Religious books have been and will continue to be the greatest source of molding the thoughts and purifying the mind. Some of them have proved so controversial that they have waged wars between people. Many people have been so obsessed with reading them that they have turned to be fanatics to the extent of presenting them all who didn’t adhere to their views. The bloodshed caused through this persecution is considered to be the greatest compared to any of the world-wars so far.

      Reading philosophy relating to various branches of thought it to great interest to some people. They give them great insight into the secrets of human thought and also so what extent it can soar above the normal thinking. The great philosophers of the world have left indelible impressions on the thought of mankind. They have discovered different schools of thought on various branches of knowledge and delved deep into each of them and given direction to the future thought for all times to come. With the development of science and technology such philosophical probing has taken a back-seat as more attention is given to developments of modern science and its discoveries. Only a few renewed areas of thought have come up for discussion among the modern philosophers which help in easing our man our of the tense moments of life or help in getting some proper direction In matters concerning material life or business.

    The modern life has provided and varied sources of other entertainment like television, movies and the web technology. Unfortunately the youth are lured towards the glamour of modernity to such extent that their interest towards.


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