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Essay on “Literature and modern technology” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Literature and modern technology


   It is usually believed these days that literature is out of place in the present day technological milieu. Technology has registered unprecedented achievements the world over. It has resulted in affluence and prosperity for all, so there seems no need for literature to grow. The world’s top brains are involved these days in the processing of scientific achievements and fruitful applications of new inventions and the relevance of literature and art, poetry, drama and essay, seems too small for people of high caliber to digest.

       Science, provides knowledge and power, and both science and technology affect life at several points, though the extent and utility of the applications are determined by our culture, our wisdom and our priorities. Modern technology is increasingly dominating the world and the domination is likely to become more pronounced in future because of the fast developments tending to subdue, creating human thinking and expression.

     But the belief that literature would have no place in future life of man is equally erroneous. Technology has created robots, artificial intelligence in the shape of thinking computers which can read, translate, interpret and give decisions with amazing speed and accuracy, but not such mechanical devices to produce literacy compositions poetry, prose, drama, novels and stories. As such, there is no reason to believe that the mechanical way of life, in which our actions are governed more and more by computer culture and electronic calculators of all types, will destroyed the talent of writers, authors, poets, biographers and artists. Rather it can generally promote the climate for expressions of talent in various channels by providing firstly enough leisure, as the technology is creating leisure by introducing labor saving and time saving devices. The leisure thus created can be fruitfully put to literary pursuits.

    Literature, in reality is the product of thought of every sane and gifted people, who live in all ages and they need an environment of peace and tranquility and naturally the advancement of present day accompanied with the comforts of life provided by the modern technology can promote better literature and masterpieces in the arts.  Scientists and technologies do not encroach upon the field of literature as it is the source of great peace and inspiration for materialistic related distractions of the mind. Literature is an essential part of culture and its values cherished by people since time immemorial and technological progress cannot affords to cause decay and neglect of nature and her processes. The machine must not enslave man completely as it is the human spirit which must be enslave man completely as it is the human spirit which must be decisive especially regarding the right uses of technology. The latest drift to technology has to be adjusted and regulated so as not to let the latent aspects of culture fade away and make human being a machine.

   There are people who are of the opinion that science demolishes faith and tradition, it produces skepticism anxiety and even tension as it doubts everything, even some of the cherished values. Technology has helped science to produce weapons of destruction and it has further deteriorated the areas of peace. Here the literature gets suppressed. The artists and poets who prepare the literary pieces get suppressed and they are suffers.

    Technology, as such, is not averse to literature, nor should it be. It is only when technology is not used in a worthwhile direction, when it is used to produce military hardware and things to terrorize mankind that literature goes in the background. The pieces of art the literature, poetry, prose, drama, etc, are the source of sustenance of the soul of man. In today ever-increasing tensions of day to day, good literature makes a lasting impact on the mind; it entertains, instructs and enables the spirit of human beings. There is a strong reason for such impact of literary pieces on human spirit. The poets and artists have been souls gifted   exclusively for the works created by them. No ordinary men could venture into the field of literature, so the pieces of literature produced by this genius of men and women had a strange power of giving solace to depressed souls.

      It is the duty of the state to take steps to humanize the conditions created by technological advances, such as those created by industrialization. If proper steps are not taken there is scandalous exploitation of labor, the child and female labor, horrible housing conditions and above all degradation of human spirit. Some worthwhile outlets are necessary for the budding youth to think other than the technological occupations or to develop a taste for some cherished cultural values including art and literature. The dismal state of affairs associated with technological progress in not the fault of the technologists. The instruments are not faulty, in fact it is how they are put to use and often they are put to vicious use.

     It is quite unfortunate that the modern youth are distancing away from the rich realm of literature especially. This drift has deteriorated their personality as the cherished old values of this country are not valued by them an they are fast adopting the western culture with its pure industrial and technological base resulting into growing unrest in them. The fault lies in the system which does not provide sufficient opportunities for them to develop talents in art and literature which would otherwise keep their heads cool and cherish the technological advancement with a greater taste. Where there is less patronage of art and talent, there is bound to be less of literature of permanent value because the right spirit and mood are not there to promote it. The present educational curriculum does not sufficiently provide for development of literary values and appreciation of the masterpieces of art the literature as it stresses more upon acquiring knowledge of science and technology in schools and colleges.

      It is time that modern planners and educationists no longer ignore the value of art the literature among the future generations of this country as it is an established fact that art and culture can promote the technological culture to its truly desired ends. It is well within the power of man to exercise sound judgments and pursue right priorities to shape a better world where literature flourishes along with industry and technology.


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