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Essay on “Place of English in Modern India” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Place of English in Modern India

English is a foreign language. But it is an international language because it is spoken and written in many countries of the world. Before 1947, it was the official language of the world. After Second World War it lost its past prestige.

However, still English is an important language of the world. It has its importance in Science. Industry and Politics. So people learn it. The people who want to go to foreign countries for further studies in literature or in any other subject, learn it. This language is the medium through which people of the world understand one another. Thus English ahs the prestige of international language.

Here is a great controversy whether English should continue in free India or not. The two views give their own arguments in for and against the existence of English in India.

Some people oppose English, on the following grounds : English is the language of the English. It was brought into India by the British rulers. Now we are free. Our freedom is meaningless so far as we do not have our own language as national language. We no more want cheap clerks like the English masters. English is a difficult language to learn. Most of the time of the students does to the learning of English explanations, essays, grammar and translation. Students are frightened of it.    

A language is a medium to express oneself and be understood. When we have already a rich language like Hindi, English should not be imposed on us. A free country must have its own national language. Without its own national language no country in the world has ever progressed. The Indian languages cannot have free development unless English is abolished.  

Some people support English. India is a developing country. It is necessary to change economic, social and political life of the people. For this purpose English is necessary to understand the books on different subjects.

Our foreign policy is based on peaceful co- existence. Some good medium is necessary for the exchange of ideas. Hence, English is necessary as it is widely used in the world. The literature of English is full of scientific and technical development. We have to take its help. English is an international language.

Now we are free. English not forced to learn. English is now a link language. For the progress   of country in scientific fields English is helpful so we must learn English to stand face to face before other countries. China, Russia and Japan- these three countries are learning English to progress in scientific field. There is no guarantee of accurate translation. With the rapid progress it is very difficult and costly to publish educational books making it full of up-to-date knowledge. 

 China plans to learn English so is the case with Russia and Japan. English is an international language. It is cheap and easily taken to India. No one is forced to learn English. We have our three languages formula. We can learn Hindi, a regional language and a link language- English. Students joining foreign business or foreign study will have to learn English. If we leave English, we have to learn French. This French learning  too is very costly. At present English is not a symbol of slavery but it is a means or ladder to modern progress. Now we are facing competition in every field of life. So it si very difficult to stand in the international market without the knowledge of English. At present English learning is a must for individual progress as well as India’s progress.    

If any how we are able to make our Hindi an international language in future to take the place of English , nobody will give any importance to English. But at present we should learn this link or international language for our progress. 


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