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Essay on “My Favourite Hobby” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

My Favourite Hobby

“Blessed is the man who has hobbies.” –Lord Brougham

We get the word ‘ hobby’ from ‘ hobby – horre’. Hobby – horre is a long stick of wood. It is fitted with a wooden horse’s head at one end. Small children ride on  it for amusement. So hobby means an amusement. We get his amusement by doing a work. We do this work in our leisure time. The pursuit of hobbies is not, as some think, a waste of time. A hobby is but a right use of leisure. Hobbies fill our vacant hours with amusement and interest.

“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy.” We want leisure after hard work. Everyone wants leisure. Spending leisure is an art. A rich man wastes it in playing tennis or in reading novels. It is not proper use of leisure. A hobby is a wise- use of leisure. We work in leisure time. This work costs nothing. It is a free service for amusement. To snap is a hobby for a student but it becomes a work for a photographer. In order to make a change from daily routine to feel fresh we want a hobby.

There are different kinds of hobbies. As different people have different nature so hobbies too, are different. Some persons are interested in collecting stamps and coins of different countries  while others are fond of collecting flowers, insects, books of different taste, painting, singing, dancing, knitting, swimming, gardening and booting etc.

My hobby is gardening. There are many reasons for my choice. It is a very cheap hobby. I spend very small amount on it. I get from the market. They are not costly. I get flowers  plants and tree from nurseries. I pay some small amount for  it. After two years I have learnt to make seeds in my own garden, I have a small nursery. Here I have my own saplings.

Gardening is a healthy hobby. I dig my garden on every Sunday. In need I also work in the evening. I clean my beautiful garden. I water the plants in the evening. I take out the grass. I give manure. I have become healthy and strong. My hobby is a means of soft useful exercise. I breathe fresh air. I find pollution free atmosphere. I have some fruit- plants. Get fresh grapes and guavas. In summer I have mangoes. During summer vacation. I have to take care of my mango tree. My hobby keeps me busy in leisure time. My mother gets fresh flowers to worship. When my younger sister runs after the butterflies to catch, I enjoy her company. I feel a pleasure to see my garden. It beautifies my house front. I am proud of my hobby.  

Essay No. 2

My Favorite Hobby


Hobbies and their uses


The Right use of Leisure

Men of leisure are men of pleasure. They do not know how to make a proper use of their times. Pleasures do not last long. Soon life becomes dull and boring for them. They have no need to earn money, but they still have need to use their time. An idle man’s  brain; it is said, is a devil’s work- shop. Those who do not have anything worthwhile to do quite often indulge in crime and anti- social activities such as dacoity and car- lifting.

To make a proper use of one’s leisure one must have some type of hobby. It provides both education and recreation. It keeps a man busy and saves him from the evil path. It can also be useful for earning money. One such hobby is stamp-collecting. Men have become millionaires by collecting and selling rare stamps.

Everybody has to do some job to earn his living. This profession entails a lot of mental and physical fatigue. When he goes on doing the same work day in and day out, year by year his life becomes dull and boring. To get out of the rut he should have some hobby- an activity which he performs no for money making but for pleasure.  

A hobby lightens the professional burden of a man. It affords a pleasurable change of activity. It chases away boredom and refreshes the mind and body.

A hobby is the best way of making use of one’s leisure. It keeps a man pleasantly busy. It fills his vacant hours with delight. There are many different kind of hobbies. Some are very expensive and some are very cheap. Everybody can have some type of hobby to suit his taste and purse. There is no hard and fast rule about the choice of a hobby. You can make your own hobby or select one already in existence. 

The most popular hobby is stamp collecting. It has millions of followers throughout the world. It is both cheap and costly. You can collect only old used stamps which cost nothing. Or you can buy rare old stamps which cost millions of rupees. Stamp collecting may cost you nothing or it may cost you everything. It depends on the way you conduct hobby.

Another important hobby is photography. It can also be very costly. It is not so costly if you collect photographs made by others. But if you make your own photographs with your own camera, it can be very costly indeed.   

A game can also be your hobby. Cricket costs a lot and is a rich man’s hobby but Kabbadi or wrestling costs nothing and many poor people have these hobbies. Gardening is also a very popular hobby. Some people fishing as their hobby : it requires lot of patience and also some money to have fishing as a hobby. Boating and swimming also are hobbies.

My hobby is yoga. When I have any spare time, I devote it do yoga. It never tires me. On the contrary, it removes all tiredness. It relaxes the body completely. It is the best and the cheapest hobby. It costs you nothing and keeps you physically fit. You can do yoga as long as you like, it never tires you. In any case, it never tires me. When I feel tired of  everything in the world, I still find refreshment in yoga. It si the most lives.

In youth work should be punctuated with yoga. In old age yoga should be punctuated with work. That is, in youth you should pursue professional activities and follow yoga as hobby during leisure hours. In old age your professional activity should become yoga. Yoga work in life should be a kind of hobby to you. 

This is the case with all hobbies. In old age hobby itself becomes work while work becomes a mere hobby!


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