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Essay on “Non – Alignment” Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes.

Non – Alignment

The NAM which is a movement of the third world countries, is an alternate bloc of nations. It aims at keeping these courtiers away from the Super Power rivalry, based on the principles of Panch Sheel, the Non- Aligned Movement was born in September  1961 in the first summit meeting of the non-aligned countries at Belgrade in Yugoslavia.

The basic principles of Non- Aligned Movement are to keep away, as far as possible, from the power blocs to keep close terms of friendship with all countries and to have friendship and co-operation with both America as well as Russia. The NAM meetings discuss problems of mutual interest and exchange views on issues facing the world. 

Non- alignment means a policy of not belonging to any power bloc. After the Second World War, the world was divided mainly between two powerful military blocs, the Western bloc led by the U.S.A and the Communist bloc led by Russia. India’s foreign policy is based on the principle of non- alignment which simply means an independent policy involving no military or political commitment to any bloc or group of states. It means when they came up according to the merits of the case. It, however, does not mean isolation form world affairs. It simply means that India is not obliged to take any decision under any other country’s pressure.

India followed the policy of non- alignment due to the following reasons:

  1. i) India wanted to maintain friendly relations with all the countries of the world.
  2. ii) After a period of long subjugation and poverty, India wanted economic aid from all the countries for its development and for raising the standard of living of its people. This was possible only if she followed an independent foreign policy.

The founder – leaders of the policy of Non – Alignment Movement were India (Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru), Yugoslavia (President Tito) and Egypt (President Nasser).

The membership of non- aligned movement has greatly increased. At present (1998) it has 113 members. The first conference of the non – aligned nations was held at Belgrade (Yugoslavia ) in 1961. Later conferences were held at Cairo (Egypt) 1964; Lusaka (Zambia) 1970; Algers (Algeria) 1973; Colombo (Sri Lanka) 1976; Havana (Cuba) 1979; New Delhi (India)1983; Harare (Zimbabawe) 1986; Belgrade (Yugoslavia) 1989; Jakarta (Indonesia) 1992 and Cartagena (Colombia) 1995. The 12th NAM foreign Ministers Conference was hosted by India in April 1947.

NAM got popularity and wide acceptance and at present it has 109th members. South Africa took its seat as the 109th member on May 31, 1994. The NAM celebrated its Silver Jubilee at its meeting at Harare in 1986. Despite enlargement in its membership, the NAM is favouring world peace, disarmament and freedom of countries.    


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